Blackhead On Nose? These 3 Ways Can Help You Get Rid Of Them

Written by Emma Skylar, Modified October 18, 2018
3 Ways Can Help You Get Rid Of Blackheads

Blackheads, whiteheads and other small bumps that appear on the skin are quite embarrassing. To get rid of them, we tend to remain attached and squeeze them using our hands. It is an activity that keeps you busy for long considering the time dedicated to this specific task. However, picking, pinching and squeezing of blackheads and others isn’t as rewarding as it seems at the time. It leaves your skin scarred, can lead to skin infections and above all, they damage your general outward or physical beauty. Since many people are obsessed with picking blackheads, we are providing you with the three efficient ways to remove blackheads on your nose.

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1. Comedone Extractor


Comedone Extractor


Blackheads on the nose can be very uncomfortable and unwelcome. It takes an awful lot of self-control not to go ahead and pinch or squeeze them out. However, if you have decided to remove the blackheads, you can use a comedown extractor. It is a tool specifically designed to remove blackheads in a way that does not damage your skin.

Using It

It is essential to know how to get rid of blackheads using a comedone extractor. First, like in every other skin treatment process, you have to clean your face and ensure that it is thoroughly dried with warm water. This is designed to open up the skin pores and to loosen up some of the tightly held sebum on the skin. In addition, it makes it easier and faster to remove the blackheads and ensure your face is clean and the opens are open. You can also steam your face for better results.

Comedone extractor has two sides; one side is the extractor that appears as a spoon with a hole in the middle and on the other side is a lancet that is sharp to the touch. The lancet is for puncturing blackheads that do not open even after steaming your face. It can be harmful to your skin and therefore, it use is advised against unless by a professional. The other side is the extractor. The extractor is placed on the blackhead and pressure is applied. Ensure that the pressure applied is minimal since the pores are open and the blackheads are vulnerable and also, not to harm the skin.

Other comedones extractors come with two similar sides i.e. the spoon like a side with a hole. The holes, however, are of different sizes. This is aimed at ensuring all blackhead sizes are incorporated into the extractor, and it also makes it easy to remove very small or very large blackheads on your nose.


2. Try Out The Blackhead Removal Masks


Try Out The Blackhead Removal Masks


Blackheads can be daunting and find the right way to remove them is next to impossible for many. However, technology and beauty advancement has brought in a new way that is efficient and effective in how to remove blackheads today. The blackhead removal mask not only gets rid of your blackheads, but it also preserves your skin texture and no harm is associated with it.

Using It

These masks come in different forms, designs, and usage. However, they have something in common; they are all blackhead removers. The process followed to eliminate this menace that commonly affects the nose, and other parts of your face are similar to an extent. In learning how to remove blackheads using the removal masks, it is important to follow the steps and the instructions issued on the mask purchased. To help you out, here is a sample of a process followed to remove blackheads using a remover mask.

Clean your face using warm water or steam it especially the area around your nose. If the mask comes with another application method or product to assist in further loosening of the skin pores that hold the blackheads, then you can apply it. However, be sure to use the right application process and leave it on for the instructed amount of time. Then, rinse off the said product before applying or wearing your blackhead removal mask.

Wear the blackhead masks where there are blackhead clusters or where they appear to be more i.e. on the nose. Leave the mask for the indicated amount of time on the skin. Once the time is done, peel it off from the skin in a single but smooth skin swap. It might be a bit painful, but the desired goal of removing your blackheads is achieved.


3. Use The Right Beauty Products Or Cosmetics


Use The Right Beauty Products Or Cosmetics


It is obvious that pinching and squeezing your skin to get rid of the blackheads on nose is ill advised. Other methods such as removal masks and the comedone extractors require experts or proper knowledge of their use to avoid causing further damage to your skin. They may be entrancing and quite engaging in their demonstrations, and the results may be perfect, but you still need to know which the best one is for you as an individual.

Therefore, we provide you with a third choice in how to remove blackheads. Use of beauty products and cosmetics that are already available in the market is another effective way to get rid of blackheads.



Using Beauty Products Or Cosmetics


Identify the beauty products that contain what is needed to remove blackheads. This will assist in knowing how to get rid of the blackheads without any kinks. These products should include ingredients that can treat acne or act as exfoliators such as salicylic acid, glycolic acid among others. This is because such elements tend to loosen the skin and to soften it making it easy for you to remove the blackheads.

Beauty products and cosmetics work by disintegrating the blackheads and allowing them to flow out of the skin. This leaves the skin pores open and eliminates the presence of the blackheads. However, be sure of the products you decide to use by understanding your skin.



Blackheads present some of the battles that people face today. With the above ways to remove them, confidence is restored and no more squeezing or pinching the skin. Skin damage is averted and self- control previously required so as not to squeeze is no longer an issue. All you have to do is follow the indicated blackhead removal ways, and you are on your way to enjoying a wonderful skin day.

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