Save your Wedding Day Look! 12 Bridal Makeup Hacks

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated December 20, 2023
Save your Wedding Day Look!  12 Bridal Makeup Hacks

Do you want to look beautiful and perfect on your big day? Well, who wouldn’t? Sadly, there are plenty of things that can go wrong during your wedding day and it oftentimes, it is the bridal makeup that is involved in the issue. Lucky for you, there are plenty of ways on how you can avoid a makeup mishap on the most important event in your life. Here are some of the bridal makeup hacks that you should know about:

1.Make your pearly whites, whiter and brighter.

For sure, you will be smiling a lot throughout the day and to make sure that you will have the perfect wedding photos, you should keep your teeth as whiter and brighter as possible. To do that, wet your toothbrush and dip it in baking soda, add toothpaste then brush. Your teeth will get whiter in no time.

2.Perfect the winged eyeliner.

Want to make your eyes look more dreamy and sexy for your big day? The secret to that is no other than the perfect winged eyeliner! The key to achieving it is to draw the cat eye first. After that, fill in the open space and ta da—you have the perfect winged eyeliner!

3.Make your lips look fuller.

When it comes to your lips, the plumper the better! To fake fuller lips, you can simply add a few drops of peppermint oil to your lip product. Apply it and you will surely have plumper and fuller looking lips all throughout the day. The peppermint can also work as a breath freshener too!

4.Get rid of red eyes.

All the planning, wedding jitters and stressful and sleepless pre-wedding nights will surely get to you and it will usually lead to dry and red eyes. To remedy that, use eye drops that have ingredients which can constrict the blood vessels in the eyes. Place a few drops in your eyes and say goodbye to redness!

5.Blend clip-in hair extensions with your real hair perfectly.

Synthetic hair extension is quite difficult to work with as it has an unrealistic sheen that is difficult to conceal. To help remove the sheen and make the extensions look more natural, it is recommended that you spray dry shampoo on it first. Doing this will give the extensions the matte look that it needs.

6.Achieve a gorgeous, silky and dewy glow.

Every bride wishes to look perfect on her big day and looking perfect means sporting a natural and dewy and sun-kissed look. To achieve that, it is recommended that you apply a rich moisturizer that will act as your makeup base. It will hydrate the pores, preventing the foundation from cracking.

7.Contour your face. The bridal way!

Are you not confident with your face shape? Contouring may just help! However, you should shy away from using the brown contour powder. To keep your look as bridal and ladylike as possible, highlight your cheekbones using your blush brush and blush powder. This will help you achieve a natural flush.

8.Create the perfectly curled lashes.

Perfectly curled lashes will help to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. To achieve that, blow dry your eyelash curler with hot air before using it. Wait for it to cool slightly then use it to clamp and curl your lashes. This will make lashes curl easier and the curl to last longer.

9.Look sexy during the reception with an effortless and flawless smoky eye.

The smoky eye is the ultimate party girl look and it will be perfect for your after-wedding party. To perfect the smoky eye, you should start by lining your eyes using an eyeliner. Using your fingertips, rub your eyes and smudge the liner. Soak a cotton swab in moisturizer and use it to remove most of the residue.

10.Have full brows and long lashes.

There is no better way to look perfect on your big day than having longer lashes and fuller brows. Well, there is one way on how you can grow these facial hairs! How? Using a mascara wand, apply a few drops of castor oil to your brows and lashes every night and you will look amazing come your wedding day.

11.Achieve the perfect complexion, from head to toe.

Want to hide flaws and imperfections not just on your face but on your entire body? Here’s a trick: apply primer from head to toe. This illuminating powder can help to reduce redness on the skin and makes it look brighter. No need to worry about primer staining your dress because it disappears upon application.

12.Make your lipstick last.

The key to doing this is layering. Apply nude lip liner first then proceed on applying a light layer of lipstick on your lips. After that, blot the color using a tissue then dust a bit of translucent powder on top then apply lipstick again on top. Do the entire process for a few times to achieve a long lasting lip color.

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