Best Clothing Tricks For Women That Will Save A Lot Of Money

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated December 22, 2023
Best Clothing Tricks For Women That Will Save A Lot Of Money

All women love fashion—there is no doubt about that! We love fashion so much that we spend almost half our lives shopping (or at the very least, window shopping) and browsing through magazines, watching fashion shows and going crazy over the latest fashion style trends in the market. Let us face it—we love all things beautiful, and if we would have things our way, we would be buying all of the beautiful dresses, pants, bags, and shoes that we have spotted in the displays at the mall.

But even if our love for fashion is never ending, we also cannot deny the fact that our budget and bank accounts are a bit limited. Even if we would love to hoard all the trendiest clothes in the industry, we know that spending thousands of dollars on clothes is not a practical thing to do.

So what’s a fashion lover like you have to do to stay stylish even on a budget? Well, here are some clothing tricks for women that can help you look stylish and save money at the same time!

1. De-Pill Your Clothes With The Use Of Your Razor.

Are your favorite jeans starting to gather pills? Are you bothered with the messy look that pulling can give your clothes? Instead of throwing your favorite jeans, you need to find a way to de-pill it in the easiest and most effective way possible.

That is no other than using a razor. Run your razor over your jeans or any of your clothes that need de-pilling. This simple step can get rid of any pills that are making the clothes look old. After that, use a tape to get rid of any pilling that has been left behind by the razor.


2. Get Rid Of Bad Odors From Jeans By Freezing.

Get Rid Of Bad Odors From Jeans By Freezing
Many of us have this habit of wearing your jeans for weeks without washing them. That makes sense since the prolonged use can make the jeans softer and a lot more comfortable. However, doing so can also make it smelly and sometimes washing them is not enough to get rid of the smell. And many people also avoid washing their jeans to prevent fading.

For cases like these, the best option that you have is to freeze your jeans. Place it in a sealable plastic bag and freeze it overnight. The cold temperature can kill most of the bacteria that causes unwanted odor.

3. Remove Armpit Stains Using Baking Soda Or Lemon Juice.

Sometimes, we leave behind stains on the armpit area of our tops. These stains are brought about by the deodorants that we use. While these are common, armpit stains can be quite unsightly and can ruin the look of your clothes.

To get rid of them, you can simply scrub it out using a mixture of water and lemon juice. If the stain is too stubborn, your next best option is to rub a paste made out of baking soda and water to the stain. Let it stand for a few minutes then rinse it off using water. Throw it in the washing machine afterwards, and you can kiss those stains goodbye!

4. Remove Lipstick Stains Using Hairspray.

Remove Lipstick Stains Using Hairspray
If there is one thing that women love as much as they love clothes, it is no other than cosmetics. Sadly, the combination of these two may lead to stained shirts and tops. Oftentimes, you will leave behind marks. The most common one would be lipstick stains. Lucky for you, this can be removed easily using a hairspray.

To get rid of lipstick stains, just simply spray the hair product on the stained area. Allow it to sit for a few minutes. After that, dab the stain using either cotton or tissue then toss it in the wash. Just please keep in mind that this trick is not recommended for fabrics that are dry clean only.

5. Remove Gum Stains Using Vinegar.

Gum stains are probably the most stubborn stains that you can ever encounter. But it doesn’t mean that you should throw away your gum stained clothes because there is still one thing that you can do about it—use vinegar! The first thing that you need to do is to remove as much gum as you can using a cuticle remover tool. After you have removed most of the gum residue, soak the stain in hot vinegar then scrub the affected area using an old toothbrush in a circular motion. After that, wash the pants as you normally would.

6. Remove Scratches From Leather Shoes Using Moisturizer.

Remove Scratches From Leather Shoes Using Moisturizer
Usually, a shoe polish would work best for this, but if you do not have one, a moisturizer will do. Just simply put a small amount of lotion on an old towel and use it to wipe your shoes. Your shoes will be brought back to life in no time.


7. Address Runs On Tights Immediately With a Clear Nail Polish.

A run in our tights is one of the most unsightly things in the world. In addition to its appearance, a run, no matter how small it is, can become a big problem later on if left unattended. It may even be the cause of the destruction of your beloved tights or stockings. That’s why you need to put a stop to it right away, and the best way to do that is to apply a clear nail polish to the affected area. This will seal the run, preventing it from becoming bigger.

It is very tempting to throw your clothes at the first sign of wear and tear, but we know that it can be quite impractical. After all, there are plenty of clothing tricks that you can try to bring back life to your worn out clothes. Try the fashion tips for girls that we have provided above and rest assured—you can find it easy to stay up to date with the latest trends without breaking your bank!

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