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Vagina Facts- 6 Untold Facts Every Women Should Know About Vagina

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated July 12, 2017
Vagina Facts- 6 Untold Facts Every Women Should Know About Vagina

You probably think that you already know everything about your vagina. After all, you use it for sex, peeing and menstruating-what is there to know more, right? Apparently, there are plenty of things that the vagina can do that we should know about.

Many experts claim that vagina is probably one of the most interesting parts of our body. Imagine, this small body part can give us the highest pleasure, the most intense pain and for many, it can even bring out another tiny human being. Amazing, right? But if you think that’s all that this body part can do, think again. There are lots of things that you should know about the big V.

If you are quite curious about it, we are here to satisfy your curiosity! We have done our research, and we would like to share with you a few interesting things and facts about your private part. So read on to find out what your vagina can do!


1. Your Vagina Can Clean Itself




Many women have been asking-does the vagina clean itself? If so, how is it done? Well, have you ever stopped and thought what the vaginal discharge is for? That is one of your body’s way on how to clean vagina.

While there are some types of vaginal discharge that are considered to be a sign of STD’s and other infections, the white-ish or clear discharge is known to be a healthy one. And its function is to flush out bacteria, old cells and the pathogens which are trying to get into the uterus to wreak havoc on your reproductive system.

So you do not have to go to great lengths just to clean the vagina-it already cleans itself! That’s why it is advised that you stop using scented soaps or other strong cleansers to wash your vagina because these products will just disrupt the feminine pH balance. To maintain the right pH, use only gentle cleansers that are specially formulated for the vagina.


2. Your Vagina May Expand In Size


Have you ever wondered how your itty bitty vagina could accommodate the large penis of your man? Well, when you and your man are enjoying a hot steamy sex session, there will be a huge amount of blood flowing to your nether regions which cause the blood vessels in the vagina area to become dilated.

As a result, the vagina along with the genitopelvic area become more enlarged. This phenomenon is called vaginal tenting. The more blood goes into the nether regions, the more turned on you will feel and the bigger your vagina becomes.



3. Your Vagina Talks To You




Yes, this may seem absurd, but it does! It may not literally talk to you, but it can give out signs and symptoms which may indicate that you are fertile, you have an infection or any other disease and many more. It is trying to tell you plenty of things so just be ready to listen all the time.

In the event that you have noticed that there is something off (fishy odor, discolored discharge, rashes and the likes), please do listen to it and visit your doctor right away.


4. Your Vagina Is Able To Trap a Penis


Have you watched the movie Teeth? It’s a story of a girl that has teeth in her vagina, and it munches on the penises of the men she has sex with. While the vagina cannot munch on penises, in reality, it has the ability to trap the penis of your partner.

According to doctors, there are times during intercourse when the pelvic muscles of the vagina clamp down on the penis in a much firmer manner than usual which makes it impossible for the man to remove his private part from the vagina. This is a phenomenon called penis captivus. Many doctors claim that this does happen, but it is quite rare.

If this happens to you, it is best that you call 911 and try to stay as calm as you can while you wait for the help to arrive.


5. Your Vagina Can Change Its Colors




Due to genetics, the vagina comes in various sizes and shapes. What you don’t know is that it may come in different colors too. As mentioned above, blood flow to your vagina is increased during intercourse which may give the vagina a darker and deeper color.

Another thing that may cause a change in color to your vagina is menopause. At this stage, there will be a loss of the hormone called estrogen which will give the vagina a lighter and duller shade than its usual color.



6. Your Vagina Can Save a Life


Yes, your vagina can be a superhero! Not only can it produce a life-it can save a life too! Today, there are various clinical trials conducted on the use of ERC or endometrial regenerative cells (also called as stem cells) in treating patients with congestive heart failure. The stem cells are collected from the menstrual blood from our vagina. After being collected, these cells are cultured to produce various types of body cells. In the case of these trials, the cells are grown to become muscle cells for the heart.

While this is still an experimental study, the idea that our menstrual blood can be able to help out these people is extremely overwhelming, don’t you think?

So it is true. Our vagina has super powers! It can do a lot more things than we think it could. Who would have thought that something as little and as fragile looking as our vagina can do all of the amazing things mentioned above? Truly, our body is one of the most beautiful, mysterious and wonderfully made creation there is.

With all the things it can do, it is a must, now more than ever, for us to take good care not just of our health but most especially of our private parts as well.

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