Best Exfoliator Reviews: Choose the Best Exfoliator for Your Skin

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated September 20, 2022

Taking care of the skin is certainly not an easy task, especially if you have problematic skin. But, with the range of products on the market today, you can come up with a consistent routine to keep the skin in the best state of health.

The challenge comes in when you have to select a product that has proven to work for the skin.

One of the skincare products every person needs has to be an exfoliator. According to skincare experts, exfoliating at least once a week can help maintain healthy skin.

However, the quality of the product used can affect the results and how the skin reacts to the changes.

Dig Deep Into How Exfoliators Work

The natural skin repair process yields dead skin and cells every other day. These cells and dead skin tend to build-up on the surface of the skin.

As time goes by, they tend to accumulate more and clog up the pores of the skin. Most times, they appear as flakes on the surface of the skin and sometimes affect the skin tone.

If these are not cleaned away from the skin, they contribute to some of the major skin issues. This is where exfoliating comes in; it helps to get rid of accumulated dirt, dead cells, and clogged oil. The process results in clean, smooth, and even skin.

The Importance of Exfoliating Regularly

If your skin has blemishes that do not go even with high-end cleansers, it is time to consider using an exfoliator. Adding an exfoliator in the skincare routine can help get rid of stubborn blemishes caused by acne and clogged pores.

A high-quality exfoliator clears clogged pores, opening them up. This is beneficial to the skin as it allows moisturizing products to skin into the skin (source).

More to this, it helps protect the skin from further breakouts and blemishes caused by clogged pores.

If you happen to have tanned skin from overexposure to sunlight, an exfoliator can help even out the tone of your skin.

Basically, what it does rubbing off the dead, flaky, tanned skin while creating an area for new skin to grow. Using a high-quality exfoliator religiously can reverse the effects of sun damage on the skin.

The right exfoliator should provide benefits on the skin internally on top of external benefits. This includes stimulating collagen synthesis and improving the skin’s elasticity at cellular levels.

What Makes Up A Good Exfoliator?

Of course, the type of ingredients used in a product determines how effective it is and the quality of results it provides.

A good exfoliator should have active agents that get rid of the dead skin and cells without drying out the skin.

One of the most popular agents used in exfoliators is Salicylic acid. It is a crucial ingredient to heal acne-prone skin and prevent further breakouts.

Also, lactic acid is used and helps to exfoliate the skin gently while promoting cellular renewal and collagen production.

Glycolic Acid is another agent that helps to clarify the skin and cleanse deep under the surface of the skin.

This removes impurities clogged in the pores leaving the skin clean and protected. This amazing acid also works to increase cellular turnover for healthy skin.

The skin requires a series of steps to keep it healthy, which calls for a number of products. Exfoliating is an essential skincare step, and the right product gets you closer to healthy, youthful skin.

Below you will find the best exfoliators, in our opinion.