How to Choose the Right Eyebrow Shapes For Every Face Type?

Eyebrow Styling Tips and Understanding the Importance of Eyebrow Shape in Face Framing | How to Maintain Eyebrows for Every Face Type?

by GorgeousGirl Staff, Updated May 31, 2023
How to Choose the Right Eyebrow Shapes For Every Face Type?

If you think that eyebrow shapes are one-size-fits-all, think again! There are different types of eyebrow shapes, and each shape is perfect for a corresponding face type.

When it comes to highlighting facial features, eyebrows frame the face and play an important role in expressing emotions.

The shape and style of your eyebrows have a huge impact on your overall appearance by accentuating your eyes and balancing your face.

If you wish to make your eyes look bigger and your face a little younger, having the perfect eyebrow shape for your face is a must.

Here is the information you need to know which eyebrow shape will suit you well.

1. Best Eyebrow Shape for Square Face

Best Eyebrow Shape for Oval Face

Do you have a square face shape?

Do your cheekbones, forehead and jawline have the same width?

Do you have a square jawline?

If yes, the best eyebrow shape for you is an angled brow in a thicker and stronger color.

If you wish to balance the strong and angular look of your jaw, you can opt for a brow shape with a defined sharp peak at the top but with a soft curve at the end.

2. Best Eyebrow Shape for Oval Face

Best Eyebrow Shape for Oval Face

Is your forehead wider than your chin?

Do you have prominent cheekbones?

Does your face taper to a narrow chin?

Since you have the most versatile face shape, the best brow shape for you would be no other than the classic balanced brow shape.

People with this face shape can go for softly angled brow shape. It must not be too angular or too rounded.

3. Best Eyebrow Shape for Round Face

Best Eyebrow Shape for Round Face

Are the width and length of your face the same size?

Is your face widest on your cheeks?

If yes, you should have an angular eyebrow.

The brow must have a high arch and follow a straight line to the peak of your brow. Rounded brow shape is a no-no for you.

4. Best Eyebrow Shape for Long Face Shape

Best Eyebrow Shape for Long Face Shape

Does your face have almost the same dimensions as an oval face shape but your cheeks are not prominent?

If so, you should go for a flat brow shape.

The horizontal line can help make the face appear shorter.

“A brow with an elongated tail helps balance out the features of a long-shaped face,” Baker suggests.

5. Best Eyebrow Shape for Heart Face Shape

Best Eyebrow Shape for Heart Face Shape

Does your face look like an oval face shape but your chin tapers to a narrow point?

If yes, then you should go for rounded brows.

A low arched, rounded brow can help you achieve a natural look while a high arched brow can make your look more dramatic.

It also a delicate, feminine, and appealing brow curve additionally emphasizes the heart-shaped appearance of the face.

Tips To Achieve The Perfect Eyebrow Shape

Here are some tips to help you achieve the perfect eyebrows shape for you:

1. Give yourself a guide.

To prevent yourself from over tweezing or plucking your brows, try to fill it in first before you shape it so you will know when to stop.

2. Brush it up.

Lift and boost the volume of your brows by brushing it up using a spoolie brush.

3. For a polished look, remove hair strays.

After you are done filling in and brushing, remove excess hair by using slant-tipped tweezers. But tweeze only the hairs underneath your brow.

So what are you waiting for? Get the right eyebrow shape and you can be able to look polished and made up even if you are wearing less makeup!

What Is the Best Eyebrow Technique?

Find the best eyebrow treatment for you here. According to experts, threading is generally considered one of the safest eyebrow grooming methods for him. Especially suitable for those who suffer from folliculitis and acne after waxing.

Do Your Eyebrows Grow Longer as You Get Older?

According to reviews, the height of the inner eyebrows increases with age, while the height of the outer corner of the eye remains stable. These results should be considered when considering eyebrow rejuvenation.

How To Increase Eyebrow Thickness?

– To naturally thicken your brows, use castor oil or lash serum on them.
– To create the illusion of larger, bushier eyebrows, you can also use cream or pomade and an angled brush to style them.
– To give your brows a fuller, more groomed appearance, softly brush them upward and outward.
– To give the appearance of fuller brows, brush against their natural growth.
– Make your eyebrows appear thicker by applying some cream with your finger.
– By moving your finger against the brows’ natural growth, you can produce the desired form.

How Can Maintain Perfect Eyebrows?

The key is to first determine your natural eyebrow shape. “Start by lining up the dots with the bottom half of a makeup brush or pencil,” says Nicky Cayot, a New York City-based hairdresser and brow artist.

What Are The Best Products to Shape Your Eyebrows?

lunar lash work

The Tru Alchemy Lunar Lash serum works effectively and supports thicker, stronger, and fuller eyebrows to grow longer. It also helps to achieve your hair growth goal. Get the inside scoop on this popular eye hair growth serums serum.

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