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Know What Should You Pair Up With Your High Waisted Shorts.!

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated December 21, 2023
Know What Should You Pair Up With Your High Waisted Shorts.!

High waisted shorts are gradually becoming trendy once again, and if you are a fashion enthusiast, you should learn how to wear high waisted denim shorts perfectly and more importantly, what to pair them with. Here are some techniques and tricks to bear in mind when wearing your pair of high waist shorts.

Master Your Shoe Game

Master Your Shoe Game

Making the right shoe decision to match with your high waisted shorts is critical. If you are attending a summer music festival or going to the beach and you want to wear a flat shoe, go for a plain pair of strappy, flat sandals in a burnished metallic or neutral shade.

Flat sandals are simple, and this helps keep everything on the right side. Your sandals won’t compete for attention with your top’s flow. To make sure that you don’t look like you are trying too hard, don’t pair your high-waisted shorts with overly-complicated shoes.

If you want a little sportier look, try pairing your super high waisted shorts with a pair of canvas sneakers. Although this is probably the most dressed-down shoe choice to pair with your high waisted shorts, it might offer a better contrast with a feminine, floaty blouse and add to your appearance a little edge and youth.

If you are the type that simply doesn’t feel comfortable unless they are wearing a pair of high heels, high waisted shorts provide perfect opportunity to rock your high heels. One good thing about a pair of super high waisted shorts is the fact that they make your legs appear really, really long. You can take advantage of this and pair your shorts with a pair of nude colored wedge heels. The eighties vibe of high-waisted shorts paired with a flowing blouse is faultlessly balanced by a heavier shoe such as a wedge. Additionally, it gives the look of a bohemian cool-girl vibe.

Choose Your High Waisted Shorts Based On Your Torso Length,

Your High Waisted Shorts

When shopping for a pair of new high waist shorts, look out for shorts labeled “high waisted.” However, if your torso is slightly short, consider going for shorts with shorter waist heights. Bear in mind the same principal if you are busty. If you are a well-endowed woman, you probably have less torso exposed. Therefore, wearing a pair of shorts that covers too much torso might appear unnaturally small and unbalanced. If you are busty and have short torsos, shorts that go past your hip bones might look very good on you.

Show a Little Leg

Many super high waisted shorts tend to be relatively short on the bottom. This allows for balancing the excess top material to make your legs appear longer. As a general rule, if the interior lining of your high waisted shorts is visible from below the bottom hem, your shorts are very short. Note that high waisted shorts that reveal a lot of legs are much better for casual styles. However, if you need a classier appearance, you may want to go for a more conservative, classier length.

You may also want to go for high waisted shorts that are in line with the “fingertip rule”. This means that when your arms are rested straight down along the sides of your shorts, your fingertips shouldn’t be longer than the end of your shorts.

Boots And Shorts

If you are in the mood of rocking an edgier look, you may want to try pairing your high waisted denim shorts with a pair of combat boots, ankles booties or a pair of above the knee boots if you really want to amp the drama up. One thing about ankle boots is that they are delightfully feminine and bohemian. Additionally, they look very good in either black paired with opaque hosiery or natural shade paired with bare legs.

Try pairing your ankle boots and high-waisted denim shorts with a kimono or a flowing peasant blouse. This will give you the ultimate mix of edge and feminine. If you are feeling a little roll and rock, you may want to channel your 90s child and pair your high waisted denim shorts with a pair of combat boots and a flannel shirt.

If you reside in colder climates, consider pairing your shorts with some chunky sweater and over the knee boots. However, when opting for high-waisted shorts with tall boots, remember to go for a pair that has a slight wedge or flat. Matching your shorts with a stiletto-heeled boot is somehow “pretty womanish” for the real world.

Watch Out For The Overall Fit

Watch Out For The Overall Fit

All high waisted shorts aren’t made the same. Additionally, not every pair of super high waisted shorts will fit you as it should. Ensure that your shorts flatter the bottom as well as your stomach before purchasing them. Fortunately, almost all high waisted shorts are designed to mask your tummy and do away with any “muffin top” that may show up when wearing low-rise bottoms. With that in mind, if the top snap or zipper is digging into your stomach or bulging out, it might appear just as bad.

The super high waisted shorts of your choice should have adequate rear support especially if you are a little wide around your thighs, hips, and rear. They should be well fitted to avoid any saggy backsides. However, they shouldn’t be too tight that you appear “squeezed” into them.


While some types of clothes look perfect when oversized, this isn’t the case with high waisted shorts. They look intentional and modern thus they need to fit impeccably. Don’t wear too big high waisted denim shorts otherwise; you’ll appear like you are drowning. Similarly, don’t go too small. If you are petite, go for a pair of high waisted shorts that graze the top of your thighs gently. However, it is advisable to avoid shorts that have excess volume in design. This is because such shorts can overwhelm a small frame easily. If you are a little curvier, go for shorts with a bit of flare.

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