How to Apply Eyeliner : 5 Tricks You’ll Want to Bust Out This Year

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated June 7, 2021
How to Apply Eyeliner : 5 Tricks You’ll Want to Bust Out This Year

Applying eyeliner is, without a doubt, the hardest makeup skill to master. However, it is also the makeup products that creates the big difference in how you look. Just a simple swipe if that dark tinted product across your eyes can instantly transform your look.

Because of this, many women are dying to find a way on how they can finally perfect that cat eye, double winged liner, gilded eye or any of the other eye trick styles that are trending nowadays. Well, this 2017, is the perfect year for you to finally master your eyeliner skills. That’s because we have compiled all of the possible eyeliner tricks that you can use. Here are some of them:

  • 1

    Draw the perfect cat eye using either a post it or credit card as your guide.

    One of the reasons why you find it hard to apply the perfect cat eye is because it is difficult to draw a straight line freehand. Even the pros know that! That’s why one of the hacks on how to apply eyeliner is to use a guide. For the case of cat eye, the perfect guides would either be a post it or any card.

    cat eye using either a post it or credit card
  • 2

    Create a super quick smoky eye with a hashtag.

    A quick way to do a smoky eye? Is there such a thing? You may never think that you can find these three words (quick, smoky and eye) in one sentence mainly because it is impossible to create a smoky eye fast. Well, that is, until this simple eyeliner hack came into the picture.

    smoky eye with a hashtag
  • 3

    Transform a simple eyeliner look into a party look with glittered eyeliner.

    Were you invited to do some spontaneous clubbing after work but you have no time to redo your liner? Instead of figuring out how to apply eyeliner, the best thing you can do make it party ready is to apply glittered eye shadow on top of it.

    eyeliner look into a with glittered eyeliner
  • 4

    Achieve the perfect cat eye stamp using a pencil eraser.

    For a quick cat eye, just simply apply eyeliner in the half (circle) portion of the eraser at the top of a pencil. Fill the entire half circle then stamp it next to your eye. That simple!

    cat eye stamp using a pencil eraser
  • 5

    Correct eyeliner mistakes quickly using concealer.

    Committed an error and you have no eyeliner corrector on hand? Don’t worry—your concealer is here to the rescue. Just simply apply your concealer over the mistake, and you can take care of the error within seconds!

    eyeliner mistakes quickly using concealer

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