How To Clean Jewelry At Home – Let Your Jewelry Sparkle Always!

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated October 13, 2022
How To Clean Jewelry At Home – Let Your Jewelry Sparkle Always!

How To Clean Jewelry At Home

As they say, diamonds (and jewelry) are a girl’s best friend and that is why we should make it a point to take good care of them.Want your jewelry to always shine bright ? Here are some jewelry care tips that will keep your bling sparkling like brand new:

1. Store your jewelry in clean and dry place.

Jewelry must be protected from humidity, extreme temperatures, and moisture. Opt for a fabric-lined jewelry case with compartments to prevent scratches.

2. Visit the jeweler.

Once a year, have your jewelry checked for possible wear and tear, loose prongs, and worn mountings. Every six months, have the jewelry professionally cleaned.

3. Wash it on a regular basis.

You can soak it in a bowl warm water and non-detergent soap. If there are any dirt, you can remove it with the use of a soft brush.

4. Rub your silver pieces with 100% cotton cloth.

To avoid scratching silver pieces, clean it only with 100% nub free cotton cloth or flannel cloth.

5. Take off your jewelry before exercise.

The sweat produced during exercise is highly acidic and can destroy gems and metals. Remove any jewelry you are wearing before exercise and wipe them down with a cloth after every use.

6. Do not clean already damaged jewelry.

If your jewelry is already broken, damaged, cracked or chipped, do not attempt to clean it as the added handling can worsen the problem. Send it for repair to a jeweler right away.

7. Limit chlorine exposure.

Make sure that your jewelry has minimum contact with chlorine. Remove your jewelry before going swimming or taking a bath as the chlorine can damage it over time.

8. Give your gold pieces a bubble bath.

To bring back the glow of your gold pieces, give it a bubble bath by placing it in a small bowl with club soda or free seltzer water.

9. Maintain pearls luster with olive oil.

Bring back the luster of your pearl by adding a drop of olive oil to your cleaning cloth before wiping.

10. Loosen dirt from your cubic zirconia jewelry the right way.

You can do this by holding it directly above the steam. You can use tongs or pliers to avoid burns. After steaming, get rid of dirt and dry your jewelry using a polishing cloth.

11. Put on your jewelry last.

When dressing up, putting on your jewelry should be last so it will not be exposed to make up and perfume which can damage it.

12. Do not let jewelry come in contact with hard surfaces.

Contact with hard surfaces can wear down enameling or plating of your jewelry.

13. Have it insured.

Losing a jewelry is devastating as it holds a lot of memories. By insuring it, you can make sure that you won’t lose its value as well.
Follow the jewelry care tips that we have mentioned above and rest assured, your jewelry sparkle always!

By Gorgeousgirl Staff

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