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How To Get Thicker Hair For Beautiful And Gorgeous Hair That You Want

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated December 22, 2023
How To Get Thicker Hair For Beautiful And Gorgeous Hair That You Want

How to get thicker hair is a question many of you have tried to find the answer to. Yes, the hair attributes half of your beauty! Remember how a bad haircut ruined your looks? Or imagine if you have no hair on your head at all! Yikes! It can be a little unsettling.

Thinning hair and falling hair is something that we, as ladies, need to address. I know how depressing it is to see your hair fall every time you try to comb your hair. Probably the best solution you considered was not combing at all! That leaves you with tangled hair! It seems like more problem may arise!

Now, of course, there are ways to give your hair better nourishment and better shine. This will result in a thicker and more beautiful hair. How do you do it then? Here are some steps and methods you could do to repair your hair and keep them healthy.

1. Start Eating the Good Stuff.

Start eating the good stuff.


All our body functions, our rate of growth, our strength, and everything else that happens inside our body can be attributed to what we put in our mouth. Even the health of the hair? Of course even the health of our hair and even the growth of our nails!

Imagine if an athlete restricts carbohydrates from his diet, surely, he will have lesser energy! Now, our hair is made of protein. If we don’t eat the daily requirement we need, we would have trouble growing thick hair! Of course, the vitamins and minerals play an important role too. If you don’t get enough greens in your diet, you will lack vitamins and minerals too. (unless you are supplementing!).

These vitamins and trace elements boost our immune system and help in the digestion of the food we eat.

2. Evaluate Your Hair Products.

Evaluate your hair products
Now, the second most important thing that affects the growth and health of your hair is the products you use to maintain hygiene. Unfortunately, some of us have not paid much attention and read the labels of the products we use.

We are guilty, at some point, that we are using an inappropriate shampoo or conditioner for our hair. Many products are tweaked for some conditions of people like oily, frizzy, and dry hair. Now, if you have dry hair and you use something for oily hair (a product that aims to lessen oil in your scalp), you will end up with a drier state of hair!
Be sure that what you use is what is intended for your hair.

3. Use Everyday Kitchen Ingredient.

Use Everyday Kitchen Ingredient
Not so long ago (probably centuries ago!), there is no shampoo and conditioner that you can get almost at every corner of the block. Today, it is everywhere and you can, save up if you buy the bigger bottle! But unfortunately, this is not how our great, great, grandmas did it during their days but they had darn pretty hairs!

How did they do it? They used what’s available in the kitchen. And you know what, they are awesome! Here are some ways to get thicker hair using ingredients from the kitchen.

Egg Protein Hair Treatment

Before the expensive spa treatments went mainstream, eggs used to be a popular protein hair treatment. I’m sure you have some in the fridge, right? Simply beat the egg and apply it to your hair. Leave them on for about thirty minutes and wash thoroughly with mild shampoo. Doing this once every week can revive your hair!

Olive Oil Conditioner

Right across the kitchen, somewhere there, you have a bottle of olive oil sitting there. Make use of it! Warm a few tablespoons of olive oil (add more depending on the length of your hair) and massage it over your scalp down to the tips of your hair. Leave it for about half an hour to forty-five minutes then rinse with mild shampoo.

You can also use olive oil as a leave on. Use sparingly and spread the oil evenly using a bristle brush. This can be one of the answers on how to grow thick hair!


Mashed Banana And Avocado

Avocadoes and bananas are delicious fruits! I think you will agree with that. But aside from being a tasty snack, you can also take advantage of them to nourish your hair. Avocado and banana proteins help repair and nourish your hair and rehydrates it too!

Now, for an awesome pasty cocktail, mash one small avocado and one medium banana. Add a tablespoon of olive oil and apply it evenly from the roots to the tips of your hair. Leave them on for half an hour to one hour and rinse with mild shampoo. If your hair can talk, it will surely thank you!

4. Revolutionize Your Hair Washing Routine.

Revolutionize Your Hair Washing Routine
Every day, as we normally do, we wash our hair with shampoo conditioner and even use some other hair care products as part of our routine. We never really had to think about when to wash our hair. We do it automatically. Everyday.

Unfortunately, commercial shampoo every day can contribute to the damage to your hair! But how do you take out the grime in your scalp if you don’t wash your hair? Well, brushing it at night (with bristle brush) scatters the oil from the roots to the tip! That’s how Rapunzel did it anyway!

But kidding aside, brushing is one way to take out the grime. And you know what? The natural oil in your hair can nourish and help thicken your hair!

Hair care often includes a cocktail of synthetically prepared chemicals that lather beautifully. As you wash and lather, some of the natural oils are washed down the drain too! Be careful of the products you use on your hair! They might not be the appropriate choice for your hair type.

Here’s another one of those awesome tips to get thick hair, this may sound a little absurd, baby shampoo is a good adult shampoo! Why? Baby shampoo is formulated for the sensitive scalp of babies. This can be the mildest shampoo commercially available in the market. Go on and try it!

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