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7 tips on how to grow your hair faster and thicker in no time

by GorgeousGirl Staff, Updated June 16, 2017
7 tips on how to grow your hair faster and thicker in no time

How to grow your hair faster when you need it for an event? There are certain life events and activities where a long hair would be exceptionally nice! Unfortunately, when we talk of hair growth, it takes months to see results. So, if you need your hair longer tomorrow, your best bet is hair extension!

If your hair is damaged over some treatment or you just have thin hair, and you want to grow them thicker, you have found the right page! I know you want to know how to grow hair faster, so here it goes!


1. Scalp Massage For Better Blood Supply.


This may seem like a piece of advice you don’t need. Besides, you always massage your scalp during showers and baths, right? But scalp massage in the context of growing a healthier hair means you do it outside the bathroom too!
Brushing your hair a hundred times before going to sleep may seem like a legend, but this is one good form of practice which you can add to your night beauty regimen. Massaging your scalp while gently stimulates blood circulation. This increase in blood circulation means more nutrients for your hair to use.



2. Not Too Much Shampoo!


Not Too Much Shampoo


A few hundred years ago, there was no shampoo. Then how do people maintain their hairs thick, long, clean, and shiny? Well, hair care during those times do not involve soapy and lathery shampoos! Here comes another question, how do they get rid of the oil in their scalp? Don’t be hasty; we will answer that in number 3. Okay?

Shampoo washes all the natural oil in the scalp and makes it dry. We are told that this is not good by advertisements! This dry state of the scalp is not a healthy condition for the hair to thrive! On the contrary, that oil is all good for the hair.


3. Brush Your Hair a Hundred Times Before Bedtime.


Isn’t this what granny used to tell your mommy? Unfortunately, mom wasn’t able to impart this to us. Before shampoos were a fad, our distant relatives in the past brushed their hair a few hundred times before bedtime. This is to distribute the natural oil in the scalp to the hair. What do you know? A few hundred brush strokes and your hair shines a beauty!

This is what grooming is about! This is a part of hair care to rid the scalp of the oil. And yes, it brings out a beauty in your hair! It makes your scalp and hair healthy and good looking! Mind you, the brush grandma talked about is an old-fashioned bristle brush. Plastic combs won’t do!
I know you are anxious about the oil building up into a gunk in your scalp and oozing on your forehead. But look at the old timers, they had pretty hairs without commercial haircare shampoos!


4. Trim The Broken Ends Regularly.


4. Trim The Broken Ends Regularly


Yep, to have a long, thick, and healthy hair, you need to trim the damaged ends of your hair regularly. It may seem counter-intuitive to cut some portion of your hair when you want to grow it long, but split and damaged ends will do more harm to the neighboring healthy hair!

Split and damaged ends make your hair brittle, frizzy, and make it look thin. Cutting the ends will prevent them from tangling and damaging other hair strands. Cut them before they affect others! Don’t worry, your hair will look thicker when you trim split, and damage ends.


5. Give Preference To Conditioner Over Shampoo.


Now that we know how shampoos and soapy hair care products don’t help much, you may want to give preference over conditioners. They do not strip your scalp of natural oils and nourishes and softens your hair. That will give you a thick, smooth and flowing hair.
Flowing healthy hair may seem longer than it actually is! Nothing beats a healthy hair!


6. Watch What You Eat.


Watch What You Eat


Experts can easily tell a person’s vitamin and mineral deficiency just by looking at the hair and nails. Yes, our hairs and nails tell a story about our eating habits! Lack of iron, zinc, and B-vitamins can show up in your hair. Lack of these vitamins can also aggravate hair fall!

Eating foods rich in protein and vitamin C can help promote hair growth! Like our muscles, our hair is made up of protein. If we don’t eat enough of it, our bodies will not be able to produce it!

Oh, and don’t forget water! Hydration is also a key to supply your scalp the nourishment it needs to thrive!



7. Stop Abusing Your Hair!


What happens when you abuse your credit card? Your savings will not grow! The same thing happens to your hair too! When you use to many chemical treatments, when you style with too much heat presses, your hair will have a hard time thriving! When you give your hair a harsh environment, it will take long for it to grow thick and long.

Chemical hair treatments can give you instant results but can do a lasting damage. Be careful what you do with your hair!

Knowing how to make your hair grow faster is half of the equation. Doing the stuff above will lead you one step closer to have a long, thick, shiny, and healthy hair! Remember that too many hair treatments can damage your hair!

Many women switched to baby shampoo! Yes, baby shampoo is free of harmful chemicals that can damage the scalp. They are best for delicate baby skin and your skin too!

If you are daring, you can try the old-fashioned way of hair care. Brush your hair with bristle brush a few hundred times a day and don’t let the tradition die on you! Pass it on to the next generation! Try it and find out how it can drastically change the health of your scalp and hair.

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By Gorgeousgirl Staff

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