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Volumized Ponytail Hair Tutorial

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated November 1, 2016
Volumized Ponytail Hair Tutorial

Tired of your usual low ponytail? Do you think that the ponytail is already so high school? Do you want to try a ponytail look that is a bit more mature and dramatic? Well, we have an idea! Why don’t you try to add a dramatic and more mature touch to it with the volumized ponytail hair look? The volumized ponytail is very much like your usual ponytail but with a little bit more volume and a whole lot of sass!

Our video tutorial for today is just exactly what you need to achieve this stylish look! Watch this video and get to know what are the steps you need to do to take your usual, boring low ponytail to a whole new level! The volumized ponytail look is versatile and perfect for every day and even for special occasions!

Regardless of what type and texture your hair is, the volumized ponytail look will be perfect for you!

By Gorgeousgirl Staff

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