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Simple Ways to Straighten Hair Which You Should Definitely Try Now

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated June 22, 2017
Simple Ways to Straighten Hair Which You Should Definitely Try Now

Most people want glossy, straight hair without having to deal with the heat damage associated with most straightening methods. Luckily, there are some ways you can straighten your hair without damaging it. The best part is that these ways can even improve your hair by making it stronger. To get started, you will need to change your shampoo type as well as the hair products you use to straighten your hair. Additionally, use a great straightening mask on your hair once or twice per week to weigh down and moisturize your curls. If your hair is long, how to get straight hair overnight shouldn’t be a problem. You can achieve straight hair overnight using jumbo curlers, which cheer hair to get straighter by following a different hair pattern.


1. Change Your Hair Care Routine


Change Your Hair Care Routine


Start the process of straightening your hair by reassessing the products you regularly use. Start using conditioners and straightening shampoos. Make sure your conditioner and shampoo are meant for smoothening and straightening hair. Such products are designed to heavily weigh down and moisturize curls for straighter hair.


2. You May Also Want To Use An Additional Absorbent Towel To Straighten Your Hair Without Heat


You May Also Want To Use An Additional Absorbent Towel


Because you are looking to avoid heat, make sure you get the best from your drying towel. Instead of using old towels, consider investing in extra absorbent towels such as microfiber towels. Such towels are specially designed to absorb hair moisture without causing frizz. When drying your hair using a towel, be gentle when rubbing your hair. Rubbing hair too roughly can lead to frizzing. Hold your extra absorbent towel on the tips of your hair to effectively absorb moisture and work your way up slowly. Tousle your hair gently with the towel and ensure that you don’t rub the ends of the hair.



3. Blow Dry Your Long Hair With a Brush And Cool Air


 Blow Dry Your Long Hair With a Brush And Cool Air


Using hot air to blow dry your hair not only damages your hair, but it creates a frizz and encouraging curling. Rather than blow drying using hot air, dry your hair with a towel then blow dry using cold air section by straighten your hair without heat reaction brushing with a paddle brush. Note that blow drying with cold air will consume more time than hotair drying. Therefore, this isn’t the ideal way to if you are in a hurry.


4. You May Also Brush Your Wet Hair Until It Dries


You May Also Brush Your Wet Hair Until It Dries


To avoid using a blowdryer, towel dry your hair gently and continue brushing until it dries. Proper hair brushing when wet helps separate hair and gets rid of moisture. Additionally, brushing promotes straightening since it pulls on your hair slightly to discourage curling. If you want to avoid constant hair brushing, brush your hair in spurts. Allow five minutes breaks between spurts for your hair to dry.


5. Use Straightening Hair Masks


Use Straightening Hair Masks


Most ways to straighten hair without heat can be done at home. Use honey and milk masks at home once or twice per week to straighten your long hair. Also, you may use milk and egg masks to straighten your hair without heat. A lemon juice and coconut milk mask can as well be used to straighten your hair without heat.


6. Tie Your Hair Overnight To Encourage Straightening


Tie Your Hair Overnight To Encourage Straightening


Briefly, wet your hair by rinsing it in the sink or the shower. Proceed to section it into three low ponytails. Secure each ponytail using a hair tie near your neck’s base. Using another hair tie, loosely tie your ponytails approximately two inches below each other. Continue applying hair ties after every few inches up to your hair’s end.

The next day, take the hair ties out to reveal the straightened hair. Make sure the hair ties are tied loosely because tying them tightly might leave crimps or dent marks in your hair.


7. Straighten Your Hair Using Jumbo Rollers


Straighten Your Hair Using Jumbo Rollers


How to straighten hair without straightener shouldn’t be a nightmare. Jumbo rollers can be very helpful when it comes to hair straightening without heat. For this technique, you will need to divide your hair into six sections. Use a jumbo roller to wrap each section and roll the sections up to the roots. Use large clips to secure the rollers on your head. The following day, take out the rollers and comb your hair. Doing this several times a week will make your hair visibly straighter. Consider using plastic rollers rather than foam or Velcro.

Twisting your hair into a bun can also straighten it without using heat. If your hair has slight waves or is nearly straight, place it into a bun when damp and allow it to dry. Dry it using a towel and create a ponytail. Go ahead and loop the ponytail around a hair tie and wait for it to dry. Once it’s dry, take it down and brush it.


8. Wrap Your Damp Hair To Your Head Until It Dries To Straighten It Without Heat


Wrap Your Damp Hair To Your Head Until It Dries


How to get straight hair overnight is a simple technique you should master. Wrap your wet hair around the head and use bobby pins to secure it. Comb or brush your hair, and along its central part, divide it into two sections. Comb the left section towards the right section and wind it until you get to the end of the hair. Once done, pin that section around your head using bobby pins and do the same with the other hair section. Flip the section to the left side of your head and pin it in place with bobby pins. Once you’ve pinned your hair, reduce frizz by placing a silk scarf on your head while you sleep. In the morning, take down your already straight hair.


Continued air straightening using chemical straighteners or flat irons can damage your hair. Although using jumbo rollers and rubber bands to straighten hair requires more effort and time than using chemicals or flat hot iron, your hair might become healthier with time.

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