7 Ways To Stop Ticking Of Aging Clock

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated May 29, 2021
7 Ways To Stop Ticking Of Aging Clock

Anti Aging Secrets

How do you defy aging? That is one question that many women ask. It is understandable that you would not want to look old. But you must understand the fact that skin aging is a natural part of growing old But there is one type of aging that we can prevent—extrinsic or premature aging. This is brought about by the environment and our lifestyle choices. Do you want to know how you can stop it? Read on to find out.


Keep skin moisturized and your body hydrated

Keep your body hydrated by consuming lipid-rich foods like salmon and other types of fatty fishes. In addition to that, you should also consume at least 8 glasses of water per day. To keep skin moisturized, use lotions and creams with nourishing ingredients like shea butter, hyaluronic acid, ceramides and many more.

antioxidant rich food

Protect your skin using antioxidants

Antioxidants are your best friend when it comes to fighting off aging. These substances fight free radicals and toxins which can speed up skin aging. In addition to consuming antioxidant rich food like berries and peppers, it is also best if you will take some antioxidant supplements.



Many experts claim that regular exercise is the fountain of youth and it can impede skin aging. You can try aerobic exercises like walking, jogging hiking and dancing. Another great option would be strength training or weight lifting exercises which can slow down effects of osteoporosis. Lastly, we have lifestyle activities such as gardening, tennis, bowling, golf and many more.

Peptides face cream

Opt for skin care products that contain peptides

As we grow old, our skin loses its elasticity, especially in the neck area. To prevent this, you should use creams or lotions that contain peptides. These substances can help to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin which will improve skin elasticity.


Layer your skin care products right

You should start by applying an eye cream. After that, apply serum, avoiding the eye area as it is quite delicate. Let it absorb for a few minutes before applying your moisturizer. The last step would be to apply sunscreen (morning) or a retinoid anti-aging treatment (evening).

Mineral sunscreen

Use mineral sunscreen

Too much sun exposure can promote premature skin aging. Using sunscreen will not just prevent this condition, it can also protect your skin from possible skin cancer and unwanted sun spots.

Enough sleep

Get much needed sleep

When you skip some sleep hours, your skin will look lifeless, dark, saggy and sallow. To make sure that you will achieve a firm, youthful, and glowing complexion, try to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

Today, a wide array of anti-aging treatment is available for us. Some of these treatments involve the use of creams, brushes, injections and the likes. On the other hand, there are some which involve natural techniques. Follow the tips recommended above and you can surely stop the ticking of your aging clock.

By Gorgeousgirl Staff

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