Best Ab Workouts: The Fastest Way To Burn Belly Fats

Written by Janella Domingo Diaz, Modified November 14, 2017
best ab workouts

Are you looking for the best ab workouts? I know wherever you look, it seems like all the exercises range from hard to do, to insanely hard to perform, right? Well, unfortunately, ab workouts are really difficult.

There is no shortcut. But, here’s the thing. It really is hard, to begin with, but, as you gain strength, you will get used to it and probably enjoy it.

Here are some of the best ab exercises to reduce belly fat.
1. Crunches
2. Flutter Kicks
3. Plank Knee To Chest
4. Russian Twist
5. Insane Cardio

All these exercise points to a stronger and firmer core. You will even see these exercises on some athlete’s training routine! Now, if you want to know how to lose belly fat, these are some of the best exercises you can do!

1. Crunches


According to research, abdominal crunch, still, is the best exercise for the abdomen. It has the most activated muscles when working out your core. This strengthens all the muscle fiber of the abdomen. To do a crunch:

Step 1

Lie on the floor with your knees bent and your legs perpendicular to the ground.

Step 2

Have your hands rest crossed on your chest. Don’t place your hands behind your neck. When you force this, this could give you injury.

Step 3

Tighten your core and lift your shoulders. Remember this detail well. Do not lift from your neck as you will strain the cervical spine.

Step 4

Roll forward until your shoulders are about 20 degrees from the ground. You do not have to go all the way up. With this lying position, it would be nearly impossible to get up.

Step 5

Feel the strain in your whole core muscle as you repeat the process. Do about 8-12 sets, to begin with, and repeat for 3-5 sets.


2. Flutter Kicks

flutter kicks

Flutter kicks are just like swimming in the pool, except, you are just lying on the floor and not moving.

This is another great exercise for stomach. It also engages the whole core muscles, but the lower abdomen gets much more activation. This helps you firm the lower abs and lose that saggy skin on the lower stomach.

Step 1

Lie on the floor with your feet together and your hands firmly on your sides.

Step 2

Lift your shoulders and both feet from the ground to activate core muscles. Press on your hands to have more balance.

Step 3

Alternate kicking your left and right foot. Feel the tension on your lower abs, thighs, quads, and hamstrings as you keep your knees straight.

Step 4

Do 20-30 repetitions and rest for 60-90 seconds. Repeat for 3-5 sets.

3. Plank Knee To Chest Twist

plank knee to chest

This is another abs workout at home that requires very little space. It may look easy, but it can be quite hard as you progress. The oblique abdominal muscles are quite small and a little difficult to develop. This plank knee to chest twist effectively targets the oblique muscles to make them stronger.

Step 1

Assume the plank position with your feet and hands a little wider than your shoulders for more balance.

Step 2

Lift one foot and bring your knee to your chest as close as you can while you keep your core tight.

Step 3

Hold your knees in that position and twist to the side as if your knees will have a contact with the opposite elbow.

Step 4

Repeat with the other leg and alternate. Do 12-16 repetitions and take about a minute of rest. You can do 3-5 sets of this exercise.


4. Russian Twist

russian twist

This is where it gets more challenging. This requires you to keep your core tight while moving from side to side to activate the oblique muscles. This exercise strengthens your abdominal muscles and gives you endurance. You may use barbell plates to increase the difficulty of this exercise.

Step 1

Sit on the floor with your feet together and your knees bent.

Step 2

Lean backward and feel your lower abs activated.

Step 3

Raise your arms forward to regain your center of gravity. Alternatively, you can hold a barbell plate with both of your hands for more challenge.

Step 4

Lift your feet off the ground and tighten your whole abdominal muscles.

Step 5

While you are balancing your weight on your butt and keeping your feet off the ground, swing your hands (with or without weight) to your left and right. Twist your body as you swing the plates while keeping your core tight for balance.

Step 6

Do this for 30-60 seconds and repeat for about three sets. Rest for a minute in-between sets.


High-intensity interval training
The fastest way to lose belly fat and fat from other regions of the body is through intense cardio.

High-intensity interval training has been proven to be a great exercise to burn more calories, lose fat, and stay lean. Running in intervals is a great way to start.

If you want to strengthen your core at an insane level, you can do the exercise mentioned above in a circuit to turn it into an HIIT method. Here’s a progression example.

If you are up to the challenge and want to keep your heart pumping at max, you can do jumping jacks in between exercise and shorten the rests between cycles.

Lose Belly Fat Quickly

You know what, you don’t even need a gym membership to do these exercises. A small space is enough. A yoga mat is a bonus if you have one. Doing a circuit is one of the best ab workouts you can do at the comforts of your home! Don’t blame me if you become too sexy, girl!

Exercise Reps/Duration
Begginner Intermmdiate Expert
Jumping Jacks 30 45 60
Crunches 8 to 12 12 to 18 18 to 24
Flutter Kicks 20 30 40
Plank Knee to Chest Twist 8 to 12 12 to 18 18 to 24
Russian Twist 30 sec 45 sec 60 sec
Rest 60-90 sec 60-90 sec 60-90 sec

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