8 Super Easy Ways On How To Reduce Side Fat

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated June 1, 2021
8 Super Easy Ways On How To Reduce Side Fat

If there is what we call the most stubborn fats in our body, it is no other than love handles. For sure, you have tried targeting these excessive fats by doing crunches over and over but to no avail. If you are already tired and frustrated doing crunches, then you are probably looking for other ways to reduce those side fats.

If that’s the case, what would be your next best step? Well, we have the right moves for you! Below are eight ways on how to reduce side fat:

Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle Crunches

These modified crunches are better than the standard crunches when it comes to targeting the side fats of your abdomen.

Side Plank Dips

Side Plank Dips

For this variation of plank, you should place your arms at a 90-degree angle then dip the hips 10-12 times on your right side and repeat the same steps with your left side. This is an excellent way to stabilize the core and burn calories.

Stability Ball Plank

Stability Ball Plank

Do the standard plank, but this time, you should place your legs on the stability ball. This type of plank will help you achieve balance and target all those side fats!

Standard Plank

Standard Plank

Place arms at 90-degree angle keeping your legs and back as straight as possible. Hold position for 30 seconds. This exercise may not involve many movements, but it will make you sweat like crazy!

Stand up at work.

Stand up at work.

You spend the most time at work sitting down and this sedentary lifestyle results to side fats. To remedy this, you can try using a standing desk in your work area (if your boss allows it). If not, you can try standing up when talking on the phone or walking around the office after every two hours. When you do so, you will not just burn more fats and calories; you get to build muscles as well.

healthy fats

Eat only healthy fats.

Maybe you have been told that fats are not good for you but for your information, there is what we call the healthy or good fats. And the best sources of this type of fats is no other than fishes and nuts. That’s why you should try to eat more of salmon, nuts, and avocados daily.

No refined sugars

Say no to refined sugars.

Refined sugars, the type of sugars found in chocolates and other types of sweets, are stored in the body as fats. To satisfy your cravings in a healthy way, we suggest consuming foods that are naturally sweet like fruits.

Cut down on calories

Cut down on calories.

In addition to fitness, a proper diet will also play a great role in helping you get rid of those love handles. The best way to do that is to cut 100 calories at a time simply by making simple, healthy switches (soda to water, sweets to fruits, and many more).

Yes, shedding off those love handles is hard but it is not at all impossible. These tried and tested moves will give you a way on how to reduce side fat in the most effective and efficient way possible!

By Gorgeousgirl Staff

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