Best Cellulite Treatments – These Buzzy Ways Could Melt Your Cellulite

Best cellulite treatments to get beautiful legs

Is your skin covered with small pits that resemble that of the orange peel? If yes, you have the dreaded cellulite. There are too many negativities surrounding this skin condition but in reality, it is nothing more than just fat deposits which push against the connective tissues resulting to uneven and lumpy surface of the outer layer of our skin.

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The three types

There are three different types of cellulite. The first one is called the soft type wherein the bumps and lumps in your skin are soft to touch. Second, there is also what we call the hard type wherein the skin is already tight, grainy and dimpled, resembling an orange peel. Lastly, we have the edematous type wherein the skin already looks pasty and feels painful when touched.

The first step that you need to do is to identify what type of cellulite you have and once you are able to do that, it will be easier for you to opt for the right treatment for it.

The natural way

If the symptoms of the hard and soft types match yours, here are the treatments that you can try:

Coffee Scrubs

Coffee Scrubs

The caffeine can tighten and firm the muscles as well as stimulate the blood flow in a certain body area. Just simply mix coffee grounds, with brown sugar and coconut oil then apply the scrub to the affected body part. For best results, do this 2 to 3 times a week.

Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebell Workouts

This type of workout is perfect for firming the muscles in the leg and thigh areas. Aside from that, it helps to increase blood flow to the legs and burn fats in the legs which minimized the uneven appearance in the legs.

Seaweed Treatments

Seaweed Treatments

Seaweed is a natural exfoliant and it can help in stimulating the blood circulation in different parts of the body and in flushing toxins from the skin. Just simply mix dry seaweed with lime juice, clay and honey to create seaweed scrub that you can apply on the affected area.

Tomato Paste Treatments

Tomato Paste Treatments

Tomatoes have high amounts of lycopene which help to prevent the breakdown of collagen fibers. When the collagen fibers are strengthened, fats will not accumulate in between them and cellulite can be prevented.

Use an Award-Winning, Tried and Tested, High-Quality Skin Care Product.


And of course, you can find lots of products claiming that they can help you get rid of cellulite. The sad part is, not all of these products can live up to their claims but there is one product that can—the Cellmaxa skin firming and cellulite treatment cream from Solvaderm. It contains a blend of skin-nourishing and tightening ingredients that can nourish and dramatically improve skin’s appearance. In addition to that, it also locks in moisture, diminishing the appearance of cellulite and giving the skin that plumping effect.

The professional way


Professional Help

If the symptoms of the edematous type match yours, you may need the help of professionals. Some of the possible professional treatments that you can try include the use of cellulite creams, mesotherapy (the treatment that involves an injection of a blend of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes into the affected part of the skin), laser services, massage and spa treatments. Make sure to consult with a dermatologist so he can help you choose the right treatment for your condition.

Yes, you can get out of that seemingly hopeless condition. However, you have to do the necessary research and identify the type of condition that you have before you can find the remedy for it.



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