Big Pores On Face: Know Their Causes And Ways To Minimize Them

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated February 17, 2023
Big Pores On Face: Know Their Causes And Ways To Minimize Them

There is always that enemy that attacks our faces without even sending a caution. The enemies are acne, pimples, and big pores. These are greatest problems on the face than even injuries. There has been no day going down without most of us taking a look at our faces. We may be asking ourselves if we can spend that energy we use in checking out enlarged pores and picking acne and pimples in doing other things. But behold, it always close to, impossible. When we experience various skin problems, most of us tend to think that it’s only the external skin that suffers. However, they can be an implication of a major imbalance in the body. The skin care challenges can lead to emotional problems to those affected and in particular the females. Having pores is one of the challenges that face the skin and in particular the larger pores. But do we understand what causes large pores on face and how to treat or minimize them? Well, here we got you covered as we will cover for you exactly what you need to know about the pores.


1. What Are Large Pores?


What Are Large Pores


To understand what big pores are, we need to know first what pores are. Pores are openings in the skin that allow hair to grow and they also extract oil to lubricate the skin. Pores are important in the human body since, without them, we would be able to grow hair and a lubricated face. On the other hand, enlarged pores are pores that are extended in size when clogged. The size of the pores has something always to do with genetics since they are always hereditary. This is a condition that presents seeable topographical changes on the skin surface.


2. What Are Causes Of Enlarged Pores?


Causes Of Enlarged Pores


Sometimes most of us have been left wondering on what causes large pores. Some of the causes are natural while others are just caused artificially. Here are some of the factors causing large pores:


  • Genetics


    Genes are the greatest determining factors of pore size. If you had parents, grandparents or a lineage of people who had large pores, you might be having chances of developing them. Oily skins make pores on the face to look larger since oil thickens the skin. When one inherits thick oily skins, their pores are likely to appear enlarged.


  • Age


    Age Causes Pores


    This is another determining factor that may lead to enlarged pores. We all have different skin types and when we grow up our skin loses its elasticity. This makes them stretch and sagging thus making the pores on the face to appear larger. As we also age, the skin thickens causing miniscule skin cells to come together around pores making them look larger.


  • Clogged Pores


    When excess skin oils together with dead skin cells gather around the pores, they make them large.


  • Blackheads


    Large Pores Causes


    When pores get clogged with sebum, they form acne and blackhead infections. However, when the infection intensifies, they often lead to large pores. Blackheads can always lead to big pores to the extent of having the large pores on cheeks and other parts of the body.


  • Excessive Sun Exposure


    Excessive Ultraviolet rays can lead to enlarged open pores since sunlight damages skin collagen thus shrinking the elasticity of the walls of the skin pore canals. The sun damage, therefore, leads to big pores.




3. Treatment Of Enlarged Pores


Treatment Of Enlarged Pores


When learning on how to minimize pores on face, nose, and cheeks, we must take note of various treatment solutions that are being offered currently. Large pores treatment can be done through the following remedies.


  • Exfoliating And Cleansing Of The Skin


    Pores enlarge when clogged with dirt and oil. The fastest way to minimize the large pores on face and large pores on cheeks, as well as those on cheeks, is through conducting cleansing. Exfoliating the skin consistently will get rid of dead skin cells which normally widens the pores. A home remedy can be conducted through scrubbing the face with the mixture grounded orange dry peel and almonds.


  • Use Of Yogurt To Tighten Skin Pores


    Treat Large Pores


    This is a natural remedy that can be used to treat big pores. When thinking on how to minimize pores on face, always know the simplest remedy is that yogurt inside your fridge. Apply fresh yogurt on your skin just before taking a bath for ten minutes. Unflavored and unsweetened yogurt is the best to minimize the appearance of large pores. The yogurt contains lactic acid that helps to minimize pores size, remove dead skin cells and gets rid of excess oil from the pore openings.


  • Use Of Sugar Scrubs


    Sugar scrubs help in exfoliating skin to remove extra oil from the skin pores. A little sugar placed on a lemon wedge can be gently scrubbed on the entire face then left for ten minutes before washing. Another sugar scrub can be made by mixing honey, fresh lemon juice, and little sugar. When scrubbing on the face twice a week, results will be automatically felt.


  • Use Of Oil-Free Cosmetics


    Oil Free Cosmetics


    Oil-free cosmetics help in keeping the pores clear and minimized. Cosmetics that are oil-free or non-comedogenic help in keeping the pores without adding oils that can eventually clog them.


  • Use Lotions Containing Benzoyl Peroxide And Salicylic Acid


    Applying over the counter benzoyl peroxide lotion will remove dirt and debris from your pores. Benzoyl peroxide products or those made from salicylic acid will reduce oil production and dead skin cells from stretching the pores further.


  • Use Of Baking Soda


    Pores Treatment


    Baking soda helps in getting rid of extra oil, dirt, and impurities on the skin. Baking soda makes the skin clear and helps in minimizing big pores. This large pores treatment option makes the skin pores smaller and restores PH balance in the skin. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help in the treatment of other skin problems including acne and pimples. You have to mix two tablespoons of the baking soda with warm water then spread the mixture in the skin then massage them gently and rinse with water then apply a moisturizer.

In conclusion, through using the above home remedies for consistency and following the right instructions, the problem of enlarged pores can be solved. However, if the results are no felt, the last option is through visiting a dermatologist.

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