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According to its webpage, Bioderma Sensibio AR can be used to treat or prevent redness and skin irritation. It does so by regulating biological factors that cause vasodilation using a patented ingredient. There are potent skin-soothing ingredients as well that can instantly calm heating sensations. Added to the formula is another patented complex derived from nature – this is said to increase the tolerance threshold of the skin. This formula is beneficial both for immediate and long-term benefits.

In this Nuxe body scrub review, we will be going over every detail you’ll need to know before you decide to purchase a new addition to your skincare routine. In this review we’ll start off by going over the general description of the product above, then we’ll move on the positives and negatives we’ve researched on this product.
We’ll then cover the remaining details about the brand, how to use the product, and what we personally think when it comes to whether or not you should purchase this product. Let’s get started!


Bioderma claims to have a form of expertise by using biology in skin care. It employs an unconventional scientific approach that relies first on the skin’s knowledge and its different biological mechanisms in order to come up with skin care formulations[1]. The company is not very well-known but it offers products that have been around for some time.

To use Bioderma Sensibio AR, just apply on affected skin. Make sure that the skin is clean and dry before application.

A 40 ml container of this formula is being sold online for $23.

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Bioderma Sensibio AR

Bioderma Sensibio AR

Bioderma Sensibio AR is an excellent eye cream for fine wrinkles and dark circles. This eye lotion for brightening features vegan collagen, genuine gold, a triple vitamin C complex, and antioxidants.

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Bioderma Sensibio AR Ingredients


It acts directly on a major factor that’s responsible for the dilation and dwindling of capillaries in the skin (one of the main causes of redness). There’s no detailed information on this component and no clinical evidence is available to prove its effectiveness.

Allantoin, Enoxolone and Canola

These are known soothing ingredients that have an intense effect, which can help decrease inflammation. They help reduce heating sensations immediately as well.

Caprylic/capric triglyceride

Function as a thickener, but its chief job is to moisturize and replenish skin and can use to replenish its surface[2] and resist moisture loss. But it has low toxicity in general use and is shown to be irritating to sensitive skin.

Glycerine and Canola Moisture

They are both for moisturizing the skin and strengthening its barrier to retain hydration. May help skin retain moisture while reducing inflammation but also can cause skin irritation to sensitive skin

Pros and Cons of Bioderma Sensibio AR

  • Formulated for sensitive skin, it is fragrance-free and hypoallergenic
  • Extremely moisturizing formula that can get rid of dry patches in a few days but might not do much in case of solving other skin allergies.
  • The formula is non-comedogenic
  • This product is not backed by substantial clinical evidence
  • Some reviews say it can cause skin irritation
  • This product is not backed by substantial clinical evidence
  • There are reports that it can trigger acne on certain skin types
  • No money back guarantee is offered for this product
  • Although advertised to be a good makeup base, some users say it isn’t because the formula is sticky.

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There is no money back guarantee or free trial offer stated on the Bioderma website.


Bioderma Sensibio AR has positive reviews from people who have tried it and the product contains some ingredients that are beneficial to aggravated and/or sensitive skin. However, it can irritate highly sensitive skin according to some feedback and there are reports that it can cause breakouts as well.

This is also not a substantially proven skin care product and it doesn’t come with a money back guarantee so it is quite risky to purchase. There are better alternatives on the market that are both safer and more effective at this price range.


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