What Is Bioelements Power Peptide?

According to the manufacturer Bioelements Power Peptide is a spritz on toner that hydrates the skin and helps fight aging. This toner claims to rejuvenate the skin and gives it a refreshed look. This product promises to saturate the skin with moisture to fight off dryness and premature skin aging. This also helps even out skin tone and help brighten the skin. This Bioelements Power Peptide review will guide and help you determine if this product is the one you are looking for.

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Bioelements Power Peptide

According to the manufacturer Bioelements Power Peptide is a spritz on toner that hydrates the skin and helps fight aging. This toner claims to rejuvenate the skin and gives it a refreshed look.

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As mentioned on its website Barbara Salomone is a renowned esthetician who was one of the first licensed practitioners in 1978. She established this company with the users in mind. Prioritizing what her clients would get, she always comes up with client-centered products that keep them happy. For more than 25-years, this family-owned business has been patronized by many users.

As per manufacturer guide spritz Bioelements Power Peptide on the face, neck, and V-area after cleansing the skin. Lightly spread the toner to even it out on the skin. While still moist, Bioelements advises to immediately apply their serum for better results.We recommend to have a patch test before applying on skin as it may cause itching on skin.

A 6oz spritz bottle of this toner costs $43.50 at their official website. This product can also be availed at their authorized retailers and other third-party resellers.

What Are The ingredients of Bioelements Power Peptide?


    This toner is formulated with peptides that serve as the building block of skin cell repair.


    This is a tiny amino acid that is the primary building block of protein. This supplements the skin cells with the necessary building blocks it needs for growth and repair.

    Licorice Root Extract:

    This extract helps brighten the skin and even out skin discoloration.


    It may help skin retain moisture while reducing inflammation.

    White Tea Leaf Extract:

    This tea extract quells redness, itch, and skin irritation.

Pros and Cons of Bioelements Power Peptide

  • Claims to contain revitalizing peptides that help rebuild damaged skin cells.
  • This product gives the skin intensive and lasting moisture but it may cause rash on skin.
  • This toner helps brighten skin tone and even out patches of darkened skin.

PCA Skin Smoothing Toner Cons

  • This product is a little costly.
  • A few users have experienced having acne breakout from using this product.
  • Many users were dismayed with inferior packaging and faulty pumps.
  • This product contains alcohol which causes skin dryness.


If you are not completely happy with your Bioelements Power Peptide bought directly from their website, you may return it to them up to 30 days from the date of purchase.

The Final Word

The packaging and method of application of this product make this toner valuable. The spritz on feature makes application easier and more accurate. It delivers peptides to the skin for a faster rate of skin cell repair and growth. However, this product has some faults you may want to look at.

Firstly, many users have noticed that the pump on the spritz bottle is faulty. Users have reported that this toner spilled in their bags while traveling. Some others had had skin irritation and acne breakout from using this toner.

Also, this product has alcohol that can suck up moisture from the skin. Lastly, this product costs more than the average similar products. Overall, we strongly recommend you look for products that are safely packaged and is not prone to spill. Check out for products that have more positive reviews.

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