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Braids For Short Hair: Now Every Cutie With Short Hair Can Have Braid

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated March 13, 2024
Braids For Short Hair: Now Every Cutie With Short Hair Can Have Braid

Braids are probably the most popular ways to do your hair that will never go out of style, and they can be used on any hair type, even with short hair! So, here are some braids for short hair that you can try to keep bad hair days away!

In a short hair braids tutorial style, here we’ve compiled some of the easiest and most favorite short braid styles for you, with step-by-step instructions, too!


Braid Styles For Short Hair (And Guides On How To Do Them!)


  • Simple Side Braid


Simple Side Braid


First on this tutorial/ guide is the simple, easy, yet fun braid. They look great for casual wear or to tame wild bangs away from your face.This is also great for very short hair in which case you can only braid a portion of your hair.

Step 1. Part your hair along the center of your hairline using a comb. Then, brush or comb your hair flat on both sides of the part.

Step 2. Separate a section of your hair on one side, about three inches towards your face. If you have short bangs you want to keep separated from the braid, start the section right behind your bangs.

For long bangs that you wish to tame or incorporate in the braid, split your bangs along with the part right at the center. Then, include the bangs on this side of the braid.

Step 3. Separate three sections from your gathered hair, trying your best to divide evenly, so you get equal width and length.

Step 4. Start braiding the three divided sections into a standard braid. Do this so that the braid is pointing downward to the back of your ear.

Step 5. Tie your hair with an elastic and pin it in place. You can also use a bobby pin to tuck in some loose ends to the unbraided hair along the side of your head.

Step 6. Repeat the same thing on the other side of the part. Maintain roughly the same position, width, and length of the braid.



  • Waterfall Braid


Waterfall Braid


For this style, you will be creating a partial French Braid along a side of your head, but you’ll leave portions to hang down underneath, hence the waterfall effect.

This is great if you have short hair that at least comes right above or reaches your shoulders. For very short hair braids, this style works, but you can do a side waterfall braid instead of doing it around your head.

Step 1. Create a side part down your hair using a comb, then brush the sections smooth down along each side.

Step 2. Grab around two inches of hair from the wider side of the part, towards your face. If you have long side bangs, this first section must include mostly your bangs. Otherwise, grab the section of hair closest to the part and your face.

Step 3. Start braiding your hair by splitting this hair section into three, making one or two braids. For a single braid, you put the left portion of hair over the middle, then cross the portion on the right over this portion.

Step 4. Gather a new hair portion into your braid from the top of your head, using the usual French Braiding style. Each portion that you add must be approximately a third as thick as the whole braid.

Step 5. Then, combine this added portion to the topmost piece of your braid to create a thicker, larger portion. Next, create a single braid with this new hair portion.

Step 6. Gather a new section of hair from the bottom into your braid. Use this new one as a substitute for the previous section, instead of including it French-Braid style.

Pick up the next new portion directly under the braid. Then, drop the previous bottom portion, letting it hang from the braid. Then, continue braiding with another new bottom portion.

Step 7. Repeat steps 4-6 until you reach your desired length or the back of your head. Remember, the portion gathered from above the braid is included in the top portion, but the portion from under the braid will substitute for the previous bottom portion.

Step 8. Secure your braid with an elastic band and then gently comb or brush the “waterfall” to remove any tangles.



  • Halo Braid


Halo Braid


Next on our list of braids for short hair is the Halo braid. Essentially, you’ll be making a French braid on both sides of a part to your hairline at your nape. Then, you will combine the ends of the two braids to form a crown.

Also known as the around the world braid, this is the best choice if your hair reaches the shoulders, as you need more hair for it.

Step 1. Part your hair using a comb. For this style, you can either have a side part or a center part. Either way, smooth out the hair flat on both sides.

Step 2. Grab three hair portions of hair from one side of the part to do the braid with. Each section should be around the same thickness, around one inch wide. If you have long bangs, include them in the front section.

Step 3. Create a single French braid or two standard braids from these three hair sections. Do this by grabbing hair from the top of your head and combining it with the top section of the braid, while also gathering hair from the front of the braid underneath it and combining this with the bottom section.

Step 4. Continue French Braiding until you reach around your hairline, gathering hair from the bottom and top of the braid as you go. Make sure to make tight braids near your ear to get a flattering, clean appearance.

Step 5. Once you reach the back of your head, continue braiding the hair strands to a standard braid. Then, secure it with an elastic band.

Step 6. Repeat steps 3-5 in the other parted section of your hair.

Step 7. Tuck in the hanging ends of the braid by crisscrossing them together. Try your best to hide the unbraided ends and the elastic bands using a few bobby pins.

Step 8. If you want a slightly messy or volumized look, pull gently and loosen some braids along the front and back of your head. Do this with your fingers or the “tail” of a rat-tail comb. Leave the braids at the sides alone to keep the braid’s shape.

Who says short haired girls cannot jump on the braid bandwagon? With these styles, they can surely do!

“Hope you find the post helpful and we are excited to hear what you think of it!”

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