11 Quick Clothing Hacks That will Save Your Time and Money

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated October 13, 2022
11 Quick Clothing Hacks That will Save Your Time and Money

Ever since we were little girls, we have already been taught to treat the world as our runway. This means looking perfect every time we step out of our houses. But perfection is a too difficult thing to uphold. For sure, there will be wardrobe malfunctions and problems along the way.

To help you achieve this seemingly impossible feat that the society has imposed on us, here are some clothing tips that you should keep in mind:

  • 1

    Hide Bra Straps Using Paper Clip

    Strapless bras can be a pain in the ass but if you wish to feel comfortable wearing your halter and sleeveless tops, one of the best clothing hacks that you should learn is to conceal your bra straps by using a bra clip to clip the two straps together.

    Hide bra straps using paper clip
  • 2

    Use Shaving Cream to Remove Makeup Smudges From Your Clothes

    Makeup stains can prevent you from looking perfect. Well, you can easily get rid of them by applying a small amount of shaving cream on the stain. Rub it for a while and wipe the cream off!

    Use shaving cream to remove makeup smudges from your clothes
  • 3

    Extend The Waistband of Your Tight Pants Using a Hair Tie

    Are your pants already too tight? One of the best clothing hacks for this is to sew a hair tie into the buttonhole and loop the other end over the button.

    Extend the waistband of your tight pants using a hair tie
  • 4

    Unstuck Your Zipper Using a Crayon

    If your zipper got stuck, don’t panic! All you need is to rub a crayon on either side of the zipper. Try zipping it up and down and voila—you have an unstuck zipper!

    Unstuck your zipper using a crayon
  • 5

    Make Tight Shoes Feel More Comfortable Using Sandwich Bags

    You can still fix tight shoes by filling two sandwich bags halfway with water. Place them inside the shoes. Put the shoes in the freezer overnight. Thanks to the ability of water to expand when frozen, doing this can stretch out your shoes in a safe and quick manner.

    Make tight shoes feel more comfortable using sandwich bags
  • 6

    Fix Button Gaps Using a Double-Sided Tape

    If your bra and boobs keep on showing in between the button gaps of your top, you can easily fix it by placing double-sided tape in between the buttons. Remove the protective strip, and you are ready to go!

    Fix button gaps using a double-sided tape
  • 7

    Remove Sweat Stains With a DIY Mix

    No need to throw your clothes just because of sweat stains. You can easily remove the stains using a mixture of salt, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and vinegar.

    Remove sweat stains with a DIY mix
  • 8

    Prevent Black Pants From Fading Using White Vinegar

    To maintain the black color of your pants, add half-cup of white vinegar to the last cycle of your wash.


    Prevent black pants from fading using white vinegar.
  • 9

    Tuck Non-Skinny Jeans into Boots Using Socks

    Look flawless with your non-skinny jeans and boot ensemble by tucking your jeans into long socks first before putting on your boots.

    Tuck non-skinny jeans into boots using socks
  • 10

    Get Rid of Pilling in Your Clothes Using a Shaver

    Is your favorite sweater all covered up with the unwanted pills? Just simply remove those by shaving it off using a razor (like you do with your armpit hair!).

    Get rid of pilling in your clothes using a shaver
  • 11

    Get Rid of Cloth Wrinkles With a Homemade Spray

    Quickly fix wrinkles (without ironing!) by spraying a mixture containing 2 cups of water, 1 teaspoon of conditioner and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar to the wrinkled area.

    Get rid of cloth wrinkles with a homemade spray

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