Stop Doing These Things To Prevent Wrinkles

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated February 21, 2023
Stop Doing These Things To Prevent Wrinkles

Many of us, if not all, wants to have smooth and wrinkle free skin even in our late years. Unfortunately, wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, and other early signs of aging are inevitable as we add more years in our lives!

Wrinkles started out as fine lines before it was a full-blown crease in the skin. And before that, these fine lines were just poorly nourished skin! As we take care of your skin, we delay aging. Sometimes, we are at fault why our skin quickly ages!

But, I know, we never meant to hurt our skin. Sometimes, it’s just some honest mistakes and lack of information. Here are some ways on how to remove winkles and habits that betray us!

How To Remove Wrinkles

Do you have plenty of wrinkles in your face that you want to get rid of? If so, you may have already tried out all the expensive skin care products and treatments out there. But did you know, preventing wrinkles can be as simple as changing your beauty routine?

Yes, that’s true. Making adjustments to your beauty routine is a must because oftentimes we commit a few skin care mistakes that lead to wrinkles. With that in mind, here are some of the things you should stop doing to prevent wrinkles.


Stop Doing These Things To Prevent Wrinkles

Pulling The Skin Hard When Applying Skin Care Products

Pulling the skin hard makes beauty product application a lot easier. The eye area, especially, can have some difficult to reach spots if you don’t pull them taut. Sadly, some effects of this habit can lead to early wrinkle formation around the eye area! Dark spots and eye bags tend to result from hard skin pulling too!


Washing Too Much But Moisturizing Too Less

Too much washing and too less moisturizing can lead to a dull complexion and dry skin. Avoid washing your face with soapy facial cleanser in the morning so you can restore the natural oils and apply moisturizer afterward.

Sometimes, especially during the hot days, oil can be a little uncomfortable as it builds up. Washing the face may seem like the most logical move to remove excess oil, but too much washing can dry the face! Oil blotting paper can do a great job in this case!


Applying Makeup To Conceal Deep Set Wrinkles

Applying thick layer of make-up on wrinkles can hide them a bit. But when you apply too much layers of makeup, you increase the risk of cracking, and it ends up highlighting your blemishes instead of concealing them. This may lead to some embarrassing scenario!


Relying On Creams Too Much

When it comes to delaying aging, do not just rely on your creams and other products alone. Another important factor that hastens aging is your lifestyle choices. That is why you should incorporate a healthy diet and regular workouts into your routine.

Regular exercise optimizes blood flow and effectively delivers optimal nourishment to the skin!


Sleeping On The Stomach Or On The Side

Burying your face in your pillow or your arm can lead to creases and furrows that will soon turn to wrinkles. So, sleep on your back. Sleeping on your back unnecessary pressure on the face that may otherwise become the beginning of wrinkle formation.


Not Giving Up Smoking

The chemicals in the cigarette can destroy elastin and collagen fibers which increase the risk of wrinkle formation. And aside from the skin, other organs of the body ages quickly too when you smoke! It can be difficult to quit smoking right away and may take a few weeks or months to completely get rid of it.

But think of your skin! Gradually decrease smoking until you get rid of it!


Chewing Gum Too Much

The motions you make when chewing gum may lead to wrinkling around the mouth. Repetitive movement can lead to permanent creases around the lips and the jaw line. Giving up chewing gum is a little discomfort that can prevent your skin from getting wrinkled!


Neglecting The Hands And Neck

It’s not just the face that shows the age! The neck, chest, hands, knees, and other bony prominence of the body is prone to wrinkles too!

Sometimes, we focus too much on taking care of our face that we forget about them! This is why it is important to include them in the morning and evening beauty regimen! They need to be moisturized and taken care of too!


Sleeping Without Your Head Elevated

A little tilt of the head is necessary when sleeping to prevent fluids from accumulating in the eye area.


Not Wearing Your Eyeglasses All The Time

Sometimes, we just don’t see eyeglasses to be cute. Maybe they don’t match the way we dress. But this is important! When you do not have your glasses on, you tend to squint when reading things. This may lead to crow’s feet and creases around the eye area.

I know it can be hard to ruin fashion because of this, but if you can find a couple of eyeglasses that will match your wardrobe, that would work great!


Drinking From Straw Or Bottle

This will cause the muscles to work overtime and may lead to “puppet lines” or wrinkles around the mouth. This follows the same principle as chewing gum! Be aware of the things we do that sabotage beautiful skin!


Not Eating Fruits And Vegetables

Not many of us are fond of eating lots of fruits and vegetables. In fact, some people can last a day without touching them! But you know what, you are skipping on some very important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that rid your cells of damaging free radicals!


Fruits and veggies contain large amounts of antioxidants which protect skin from age causing elements! Eating at least five servings a day can make a huge difference in the glow of your skin! Having about thirteen servings can help you maintain a smooth, wrinkle-free, and radiant skin!

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