What Is Darphin Hydraskin?

It is a powerful water-veil and infusing formulation that claims to relieve, revive and re-hydrate dry and dehydrated skin. It offers efficacy using a combination of extreme hydration components, including potent pomegranate, which has been shown to have the ability to penetrate deep into the skin where it promotes repair and rejuvenation.

This formula is to optimize the skin’s critical water reserves within the outer skin cell layers. It is infused with vitamins that are beneficial to the skin. Made for normal to combination skin types, this hydrating product suits most skin types. Our Darphin Hydrating Skin Serum review will provide you with all the essential details so that you can determine if this is the right hydrating formula for your skin’s needs.

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Darphin Hydraskin Serum

Darphin Hydraskin Serum is a powerful serum with a hydrating botanical complex to help plump skin with relieving, reviving hydration.

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Darphin is a skin care company based in Paris; it offers formulations that are based on botanical ingredients and extracts. This brand uses a special blend of knowledge, essential oils and plant extracts that create a pampering sensory experience. However, chemical ingredients that can potentially lead to adverse reactions are also included in its skin care products. It offers a wide range of skin care treatments for different purposes, including cleansers, serums and creams. This company is not very well-known internationally, but it offers a money back guarantee on all merchandise.

According to the Darphin Hydraskin Serum how to use section, apply two to three pumps to cleansed skin and then gently massage with upward motions. Make sure to follow with an appropriate cream, and for best results, use this formula two times a day (morning and night). When using it for the first time, skin testing is recommended to check for adverse reactions due to sensitivity to one or more ingredients.

What Are The Darphin Hydraskin Serum Key Ingredients?

Hydra-Structure Technology

Made with butterfly lavender and Salicornia herbacea, it is a high-performance hydrator that revives the important moisture mechanisms of the skin while also protecting its moisture reserves. However, there’s limited evidence of the moisturizing prowess of this skin care formula.

Hyaluronic Acid

For years, this has been among the most popular moisturizing ingredients because of its powerful hydrating effect. Studies indicate that it can carry up to 1,000 times its weight in water, showing its moisturizing prowess.

Imperata Cylindrica

According to clinical studies, this ingredient boosts hydration within skin cells, and there are studies as well showing that it helps improve cellular metabolism and may even enhance the synthesis of collagen. It is used in skin care formulations to boost hydration, but there’s limited evidence of its anti-aging benefits for now.

Kiwi Extract

Known to be an elixir of nutrients, it helps nourish, protect, refresh and rejuvenate skin.

Pros and Cons of Darphin Hydraskin Serum

  • It has a lightweight texture that does not feel uncomfortable on the skin
  • Made with natural extracts, vitamins and hydrating components but there’s limited evidence of its anti-aging benefits for now.
  • There are good reviews citing its impressive plumping and softening benefits
  • This skin care formula has not undergone systematic testing to prove it is effective and safe
  • According to some customer reviews online, it can irritate sensitive skin types
  • It is a little expensive for a simple hydrating serum
  • There are some reports that it doesn’t deliver long-lasting moisture to the skin

Darphin Hydraskin Price & Quantity?

A 30-ml container of this hydrating gel can be ordered online from Darphin’s website for $76, but prices and shipping cost may vary from one retailer to another.

Should You Buy It?

All in all, Darphin Hydraskin Serum Hydratant is a good moisturizing formulation and it is worth a try. However, this is not the best option for everyone since there’s a possibility that some users are hypersensitive to one or more of its components. There’s negative feedback because of its hydrating effect that does not last very long too. Also, there are more effective formulations at this price range, so you can get better value for your money elsewhere.


This skin care formula can be returned if you are unhappy with your purchase (only items bought from darphin.com are covered). Just return the unused portion for an exchange or refund, but make sure to check the details of this offer on the brand’s website.

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