Understand The Effects Of Stress On Skin And What To Do About It

Stress is the Main Souce of Early Age Aging Skin. Know The Hidden Truth of "Embracing the Beauty and Wisdom of Life's Later Chapters"

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated February 17, 2023
Understand The Effects Of Stress On Skin And What To Do About It

Stress is a proven factor the sends the brain on overdrive and manifests physically. At some point in your life, you have experience immense pressure that made you feel mentally exhausted, emotionally drained, and physically weak. These are classic signs of stress! And if you look carefully, there are effects of stress on skin.

Now if you are facing some stressful moments, skin issues are just a step away from breaking out. Let’s try to understand stress and skin problems and how we can manage it. We’ll throw in a few tips how to avoid them!

1. How Does Stress Affect The Skin?

 How Does Stress Affect Skin
Our instinct is to soothe stressed out skin with all the stressed skin remedies we can find when we see it. However, many stressful circumstances may not prompt you to address skin issues on the first symptom. Because of the brewing pressure in your environment, you may not even be aware it has already begun.

Stress places your brain, the bodily functions it controls, and the hormones it regulates in an erratic state. The balance is disrupted, and this can lead to heart problems. But aside from that, the most obvious manifestation of stress can be found on the skin. When it is not recognized and managed, skin conditions caused by stress may arise.

2. Effects Of Stress On Skin

Effects Of Stress On Skin

1) Dullness

Before the obvious symptoms are seen, dullness is the first sign. This is a little difficult to recognize because it’s a minor symptom that skin care product can easily cover up.

2) Skin Dryness

This is the state where we figure out that stress is causing something on your skin. Dryness can be the first obvious sign you may notice on your skin. Still, this may not prompt you to formulate a drastic move, right? What we often do is load the skin with more moisturizers.

3) Rashes

When the skin gets dried up, it is easy to develop some skin rashes caused by stress. This skin dryness can lead to many things. It can be as simple as itchy rashes and can progress to redness and skin irritation.

4) Pimple

Pimples are some of the first clues. You probably ignored stress pimples on forehead and dabbed some spot treatment and got away with it. However, if not managed properly, it could get worse. It could lead to breakouts when left unattended.

5) Acne Breakouts

It may have started with dullness, proceeded to dryness, then a few pimples, but it will eventually lead to breakouts. It may present as a stress rash on face initially. When the breakout is there, it can get frustrating.

6) Fine lines

With continuous stress, moisturizing creams and repairing serums may not be able to keep up. The effects of stress on aging skin can be quite alarming. It may be too early for you to get those fine lines. Fine lines are just the start. When the stress levels go up, these lines could develop to deep-set wrinkles.

7) Crow’s Feet And Frown Lines

The amount of stress can lead to more serious signs of skin aging. Crow’s feet and frown lines may appear too early when you have too much stress in life.


3.How To Minimize Stress On Skin

 Ways To Minimize Stress On Skin
The effects of stress on the skin can be a little unsettling. It starts with some dullness and can lead to deep-set wrinkles. But before your skin ages prematurely, here are some things you can do to address them.

  • DestressThe most effective way to drastically get rid of the effects of stress on skin is to minimize, and eventually, eliminate stress. Find a way to manage your stress to a minimum level. Don’t get it eat up your life! A short walk in the park may be a good start. Find things that take your mind away from stress.
  • RehydrateLack of moisture in the cells means lack of fluid intake. Stress can spike your bodily function, and it may lead to losing bodily fluids in the process. The first solution for dryness is to up your fluid intake to make sure that every cell in the body has enough moisture.
  • Powerful MoisturizerTo some degree, you every day moisturized may not get the cut. Use a powerful moisturizer that hydrates the skin and keeps the moisture locked. Products that contain humectants like hyaluronic acid can keep the skin cells moisturized.
  • Rebalance The SkinThe stress you are confronted with may have altered the balance of your skin’s oil production. This could lead to skin pore blockage and acne breakouts. Use essential oils, like argan oil, to help restore the balance and keep skin pores unblocked and tight.
  • PeptidesPeptides are smaller pieces of amino acid that acts as building blocks that the skin needs. This helps repair the skin from the cellular level and promote quick turnover and skin resurfacing. Also, peptides can restore the skin’s volume and help diminish deep-set wrinkles.
  • AntioxidantsOxidative damage is at its finest when you are stressed out. Make sure that you are supplementing your skin with potent antioxidants to ward off free radical damage. Products that have citrus extracts and vitamin C are good sources of antioxidants.
  • Wear SPFThe sun is the ultimate source of energy. However, it also shines some UV rays that can be harmful to the skin. Frequent long exposure to the sun can add up to the skin damage. Make sure that you wear SPF whenever you go out. Wear a hat, sunglasses, and protective clothing to keep your skin safe. Protective clothing works hand in hand with SPF.

4. Stress-Free Beautiful Skin

Stress Free Skin
I cannot imagine how much stress you are at when you don’t notice the symptoms until it has become worse. Aside from the effects of stress on skin, the whole bodily function may be affected. Stress is a silent killer. It manifests in the skin and can brew a chronic debilitating illness inside of you.

Find a way to get rid of stress in your life for a healthy skin and a happier life!

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