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The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip Balm promises to strengthen the moisture barrier of the skin to prevent and address dry and chapped lips. It promises to deliver hydration that may last up to 8 hours. However, this claim is not supported by the user reviews. Lastly, it gives the lips a subtle sheen.

For best results, the manufacturer suggests to apply the balm liberally on lips at bedtime or as needed.

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As mentioned on its website Elizabeth Arden is considered by many as a legendary beauty innovator, She first started in the industry by opening her first Red Door Salon in Fifth Avenue in 1910. She firmly believes that to be beautiful is the birthright of every woman and that is why she tirelessly developed and formulated products that can help women enhance their finest assets.

The item was launch during the first quarter of 2013. As per the manufacturer’s claims, the balm can give your moisturized and hydrated lips within just 8 hours. However, many users feel that it is not hydrating enough.

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elizabeth arden eight hour cream intensive lip repair balm

Eight Hour Lip

The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip Balm promises to strengthen the moisture barrier of the skin to prevent and address dry and chapped lips.

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Eight Hour Lip Ingredients

The active ingredients in the balm are as follows:

Menthol Lactate, Defensil, and Menthol

– This delivers immediate soothing relief to dry and chapped lips.

Shea Butter, Petrolatum, Honey Extract and Fatty Acids

– These are emollients that can retain moisture on the lips.

Arnica Flower Oil

– This heals lip dryness and can create a protective film that can lock in moisture into the skin. Severe irritation to this ingredient may lead to rash, hives and skin irritation.

Vitamins A and E, Watercress Extract

– These vitamins and extract work together in conditioning and smoothening the lips. More than that, it can repair damaged and dry lips. However, the balm contains a synthetic form of vitamin E which can be irritating.

Pros and Cons of Eight Hour Lip

  • The repair balm has an SPF of 15.
  • The company claims that it can deliver 8-hour hydration. However, reviews state that it is not hydrating enough.
  • The balm is packaged in a convenient twist off lid.
  • Many people feel that the hydrating powers of the balm is not good enough.
  • The price is too high for a lip balm.
  • It contains fragrance which may be too irritating for the skin, especially the lips.
  • The moisture that the balm provides is not as long lasting as it claims.
  • Some users did not like the scent of the balm.


Price & Quantity?

A: The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Lip Repair Balm comes in a 0.35 fl oz jar and is sold for the price of USD 24 in the official Elizabeth Arden website. You can purchase it from other retailer sites for roughly the same price as well.

Should You Buy It?

A: There are plenty of lip balms on the market, and this is one of the most expensive ones. If that is the case, is this product worth it? If you have seen the list of ingredients, the balm contains a high amount of emollients that can seal in moisture. However, it contains a mix of irritating and harmful ingredients (paraben and fragrance) that may harm the lip area.

We recommend that you choose a balm that is more affordable and less irritating than this.

Does It Come With A Guarantee?

A: The purchase of Elizabeth Arden Intensive Lip Repair Balm is protected by the company’s return policy. If you did not like the effects of the balm on your lips, you could return the item to the company within 30 days after the date of purchase for a refund. The product will only be accepted if it is in its original packaging and the official receipt is included with the return.

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