What Is Equate Blackhead Clearing Scrub?

According to the manufacturer Equate Blackhead Clearing Scrub is an acne medication that will help shrink pores, as well as minimize acne and blackheads. Perfect if you tend to form an abundance of blackheads in your T zone area, your forehead, nose, and chin. When it clears your pores of the blackheads, you’ll notice that it leaves your skin smooth and not sore from harsh chemicals. The product also uses natural exfoliants to help soften and nourish your skin as well.

In this review we’ll start off by going over the general description of the product above, then we’ll move on the positives and negatives we’ve researched on this product. We’ll then cover the remaining details about the brand, how to use the product, and what we personally think when it comes to whether or not you should purchase this product. Let’s get started!

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Equate Blackhead Clearing Scrub

Equate Blackhead Clearing Scrub

Equate Blackhead Clearing Scrub aims to help with the quick removal of blackheads and leaving your skin smooth after the process.

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By using Salicylic Acid, a common acne medication ingredient, it’s almost impossible to believe that this product wouldn’t help with acne and blackheads.

The manufacturer suggests for the best result, apply this product to clean damp skin with a washcloth, moving in circles until the product starts to foam and lather on your skin. Make sure you gently go over the biggest problem areas you’re dealing with. Rinse and continue using each night.

Pros and Cons of Equate Blackhead Clearing Scrub

  • Generally this product tends to be out of stock almost everywhere you look.
  • Reports of this product being extremely oily even though it’s marketed as being oil free.
  • Some select customers have found that this product has actually made their skin worse compared to before they started using the product.

What Are Equate Blackhead Clearing Scrub Ingredients?

Salicylic Acid

An element most commonly found in acne medication to help unclog pores and helps to prevent oncoming acne from forming. It doesn’t exactly clean your face, but it needs to be used constantly to help prevent acne or its effects will stop almost immediately. However it leads to peeling of skin!

The Final Word

The Equate Blackhead Clearing Scrub has been dubbed one of the worst knock-off cleansers on the market. Although it is cheap and some customers have found success with using it daily, many are left feeling unhappy about the smell of the product, comparing it to the smell of feet, not to mention the oil issue that is apparent after every use. Many customers have spoken out about the product and how it leaves an oil-like film on their face which ends up clogging their pores or even making their skin peel in some cases! We do not recommend this product, especially when there are so many better options out on the market today, why settle?


Items purchased on the Walmart website where they sell the Equate Blackhead Clearing Scrub are able to return their order with or without a receipt within 90 days of purchase. But if you’re returning a skincare product it’s important that you have proof of purchase with you so you’re able to receive a full refund.

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