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How To Repair Sun Damaged Skin And Get A Youthful Looking Skin

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated July 13, 2017
How To Repair Sun Damaged Skin And Get A Youthful Looking Skin

The sun is the nearest star in our planet. It gives all living things energy on earth. Without it, the existence of human race will be threatened! The sun emits ultraviolet rays which help activate vitamin D when absorbed by the skin.

But this same ultraviolet light can be harmful to the skin. Too much exposure to it can lead to sunburn. Sunburn injury can is painful, and chronic, frequent exposure can be dangerous to health.


Causes And Symptoms Of Sunburn


Sunburn is caused by prolonged exposure to UV radiation. Welding arcs and tanning beds emit the same UV in different amounts. A similar sunburn injury can occur when exposed to arcs of electricity (in the case of welding) and extended exposure to tanning beds.
Here Are Some Of The Symptoms Of Sunburn

1. Reddish To Red Skin


When we get exposed to too much UV rays, our body responses by sending more nutrient rich blood to the skin to have it repaired. This extra blood supply manifests are erythema or redness of the skin. This symptom presents just a few hours after the exposure.

2. Warm, Sensitive Skin And Painful When Touched


Sensitive Skin


Pain will be present in about 6 hours post exposure. The skin is warm to touch and very sensitive. Other sever cases are reported to feel zapping pain when touched.

3. Blisters May Occur In Severe Cases


Sunburn may present like a first-degree kitchen burn in severe cases. Blisters may be present and are more painful.


4. Itchy, Dry, And Shiny Skin


Itchy Skin


The skin will also present dryness and some shininess. As the body repairs the damaged skin cells, itch may also be a present symptom.

5. Skin Sloughing Off


A few days after the onset of itching, the skin affected skin will start to peel. As the skin regrows and produces a new layer of younger skin, the old skin peels away.


Prevention Tips


Avoiding exposure to the sun is the best and most effective way to ensure that that sunburn will be at bay. But zero exposure can be improbable and would lead to some vitamin D deficiency. Here are some ways to avoid getting sunburn.

1. Minimize Exposure During Peak Sunlight Hours


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The UV rays of the sun peaks at 10:00 in the morning and lasts up to around 3:00 in the afternoon. It is not advised to bask in the sun for long period of hours during this time of the day. Caucasians have lesser tolerance to UV rays compared with other races. The pigmentation of the skin determines how much UV it can take before getting damaged.

2. Wear High SPF Sunscreen


Sunscreens ward off UV light by reflecting them or absorbing them. Generally, the sun protection factor(SPF) rating of sunscreen is multiplied to how many minutes you can naturally tolerate UV rays before the skin gets sunburns. It can be a little difficult to experiment and determine how much you can tolerate UV, so 10-15 minutes can be a good rough estimate of how much protection you can get from SPF.

A 10-minute tolerance with 30 SFP will give you about 5 hours of protection from the sun. Reapplication must be done when the sunscreen is washed off.

3. Protect The Eyes And Face


Protect The Eyes


Hats and sunglasses are a good way to protect the face, especially the eyes from harmful UV rays. Facial skin, neck, and chest are more sensitive and can easily catch sunburn with short exposure.


What are the best sunburn cures?


Sunburn can be very painful and can even be more painful when scratched and touched. The sense of fabric sticking to the skin can be a painful stimulant already. Here are some ways to manage and cure sunburn.

1. Cool Shower


The initial exposure will elicit a warm and burning sensation to the skin. Taking a cool shower can relieve the warm and burning sensation. This also rapidly cools down the skins temperature which prevents further damage to the skin.

2. Apply Sunburn Or Burn Ointment


Sunburn Relief


Depending on your location, some pharmacy will not dispense sunburn ointment without a prescription. These are usually a blend of anti-inflammatories, antibacterial, and powerful moisturizer.

3. Take a Pain Reliever


Some conditions may warrant intake of pain killers to relieve the pain. Aspirin and ibuprofen are safe over the counter pain medicines that can be easily acquired in pharmacies. Be sure to check for allergies before taking ibuprofen as many people have started to develop allergies to them.

4. Minimize Exposure To The Sun To Avoid Aggravating The Injury


Uv Light


Staying away from the sun for a few days is highly advised to promote the healing of the sunburnt skin. Exposure to the sun with exposed injured skin will worsen the situation.


How Sunscreen Protects Your Skin


A certain study in Queensland Institute of Medical Research; University of Queensland; and Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane, Australia published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology[8] has found the direct correlation of religious use of sunscreen to the phenomenal decrease in the likelihood of getting skin cancer.

Th research took a ten-year period of testing and data collection to come up with a credible result. In the end, with numerous tests and procedures, they have proven that skin cancer can be prevented by protecting the skin from harmful UV rays.



There are times that we cannot avoid long exposures to the sun. Summer is one of the most anticipated vacations, and people often visit the beach and tan their skin through sunbathing. During this times, it is especially advised to take precautionary measures to protect the skin from harmful UV.

Reapplication of sunscreen is advised to extend and renew the skin’s protection for the UV.
Treating sunburn is not all that hard, and the regimen may not even require prescription medicines to treat. But the pain, itch, and discomfort accompanying can be really annoying. Avoiding unnecessary exposure and using sunscreen can help minimize, if not eliminate, the chance of getting sunburn and even skin cancer.

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