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Here Are The Best Treatments for Sun Damaged Skin

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated February 21, 2023
Here Are The Best Treatments for Sun Damaged Skin

Fun under the sun—everybody wants to experience it, but no one wants to pay the high price that comes with it. While getting some fresh air is a must every day, protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun is not that easy.

No matter how much sunscreen you apply, there will come a time that your skin will suffer from sun damage.

Many of you may not believe this, but sun damage comes in all forms. For one, there is the minor form of sun damage that we call sunburn. This one’s easy to address and treat. But on the other end of the spectrum, there is the more serious form of sun damage known as sun spots along with other aging signs.

While this form is quite difficult to address, you can still find ways to reverse the damage that it has done, and your chances of getting a brighter and damage-free skin will rely on how well you take care of your skin. With that in mind, here is the best treatment for sun damaged skin:

The Basic Skin Care

Of course, one should not forget about the basics. These are as follows:



Cleansing your skin means removing the sweat, dirt, and oil that accumulates in your skin all throughout the day and even at night. When choosing a cleanser, you need to consider your skin type. But in general, you need to apply cleansers in an upward circular motion to avoid the formation of wrinkles.



The role of a toner is to clean up any residue and impurities that the cleanser may have left behind. In addition to that, it helps to restore the pH balance of the skin.



The role of a moisturizer is to lock in moisture and to keep skin properly hydrated. This step is a must and should not be omitted from the routine, even by people with oily skin.



This is done to get rid of the dead skin cells that are blocking our pores and preventing a new layer of skin to shine through. Experts recommend that we exfoliate our skin at least twice a week.



Even though your skin is already sun damaged, it is still a must that you continue to protect it from the sun’s harmful rays. The best way to do that is to apply a quality sunscreen with high SPF. Apply this in the morning before you step out and do not forget to re-apply it after every 3 hours.

Treatment for Sun Damaged Skin

Since your skin is damaged by the sun, you need additional steps to correct its effects. With that in mind, here is the best skincare for sun damage:

  • Retinol – This topical product is known to fight wrinkles, dark spots, and sagginess—all of which are products of sun damage. Since retinol has the tendency to cause skin irritation, it is recommended that you start by using a product with the lowest concentration. You should also try to apply it only once or twice a week.
  • Hydroquinone – If you have sun spots, you may need to apply a dark spot corrector. Choose one that contains hydroquinone as this substance can prevent the production of melanin which is responsible for the dark pigment in our skin. But since this substance can be an irritant when used for a prolonged period of time, it is recommended that you use it for four months at maximum.
  • Vitamin C– Yes, we are suggesting that you take vitamin C supplements, but in addition to that, we also recommend using a topical vitamin C—either a serum or cream. According to experts, topical vitamin C can help to brighten skin and minimize the appearance of dark spots as well as maintain the elasticity and firmness of the skin.
  • Chemical Peel – This may sound a bit scary, but this treatment is useful in treating sun damaged skin. In this procedure, a chemical solution is applied to the skin, and it dissolves the damaged skin cells that are making your skin look dull. You can have this treatment in a clinic, or you can use at-home formulas instead.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow the simple skin care regimen pattern that we have mentioned above, and you can welcome brighter skin with open arms in no time!

By Gorgeousgirl Staff

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