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Latest Cute Hairstyles For Summer 2017- Fall In Love This Season

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated December 22, 2023
Latest Cute Hairstyles For Summer 2017- Fall In Love This Season

We are pretty sure that you have spent months or even years trying to achieve the perfect summer body! And if you have already achieved that, then most probably you are spending most of your time looking for bathing suits, swim wears or dresses that you can wear to show off your beautiful and gorgeous body.

Yes, doing all these things can certainly make your look like a summer goddess. But if you want to have the entire package, then there is one thing that you should not forget—your hairstyle. These days, there are plenty of hairstyles for summer that you can choose from. Some are long, and some are short, so you can certainly find a style that will suit your taste, regardless of what tickles your fancy.

As expected, there will be trending hairstyles for the upcoming summer of 2017, so if you want to be the apple of everyone’s eye, it is a must that you familiarize yourself with what these hairstyles are. Do not worry though! We have done the research for you. We have compiled all the cutest hairstyles for summer.

Here Are Some Of The Styles That Are Bound To Rule The Beach This Season:

1. Effortless Messy Waves

Effortless Messy Waves
This summer, the hairstyles will be all about messy, undone and effortless and this hairstyle embodies all of that! Because the polished and smooth hairstyle is impossible to achieve due to the sweltering heat of the sun, the next best option that you have is to create waves that look messy and glamorous.

To achieve this look, you can use a mid-size curling iron. Use it on random portions of your hair to achieve that undone look. This will create more definition and add body to your hair. After curling your hair, apply texturizer so you can achieve that messy look. This hairstyle is perfect for both short and long hair, so you do not need a haircut just to achieve it!

2. Plain On Top

Plain On Top
Putting almost all of your hair on the top of your head seems to be a big trend at the moment, and the top plait is an updated version of that. This is one of the best hairstyles for long hair because it involves a combination of a smooth and polished high ponytail and the messy fishtail braid. In short, it gives you the best of both worlds!

To do this, just simply do your usual high ponytail. After securing that, create a fishtail braid until the end. If maintaining this look for the entire day is a bit difficult for you, you can simply remove the braid, and you will end up with messy curls.


3. Slick Bob

Slick Bob
If you adore the short haircuts for women and you are looking for ways on how to style those, this is the best option that you have! We have mentioned above that the sleek look is out of style this season, but that does not mean that you should not take advantage of the edgy look that comes with a slicked back hair.

You may need lots of mousse and hair gel to achieve that wet look, but it is surely worth the effort! This is the perfect hairstyle if you are planning to attend a few summer events!

4. Baby Braids

Before this hairstyle is the bomb, but now that the big and full braids have come to the picture, this style has taken the back seat. But that does not mean that we should totally forget about it! After all, baby braids do have their charm!

If you think that flower crowns are already past their prime, this is the next best way for you to doll up your long hair. If you wish to achieve that bohemian free spirit look, just simply turn a few portions of your hair to baby braids. This is the perfect hairstyle for attending music festivals and other summer events.


5. Low Side Braid:

Low Side Braid
This hairstyle is perfect for women with round faces because, in this style, the braid frames the face beautifully. It is also one good way to keep your long hair off the back of your neck so you can feel refreshed.

There are two steps that you need to take to achieve this. First, use a thin elastic to tie your plait. Second, let a thin strand of hair fall out on the opposite side of the braid. This simple move can add a touch of playfulness to your look.

Make sure that you use an elastic that is almost the same color as your hair (you can also opt for a transparent one), so the attention will be focused on your hairstyle and not on the band.

6. Bowl Cut

Many people presume that bowl cuts are not a thing of the past but is totally not true! In fact, you can bring them back by adding a modern twist to it! We all know that having that straight and smooth uniformed cut (that makes you look like a soldier) can be quite embarrassing. The best thing that you can do to avoid embarrassment is to opt for the bowl cut with shaggier texture.

The front part must be above the ears while the back portion should be above your neckline.
This short curly hair is bound to make heads turn. In addition to that, there is another advantage to this hairstyle that you will love—there is no need for heat styling! This is a big plus considering the hot weather!


As they say, our hair is our crowning glory, so you better make sure that your hairstyle will look rocking this hot season! Well, that will not be too difficult given the fact that we are provided with plenty of cute summer hairstyles that you will surely love. Try any of the long or short hairstyles for women that are mentioned above, and you will surely look every inch like the goddess that you are this summer season!

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