Which Fashion Trend Is Booming This Halloween

Halloween Costume Ideas

Did you know that you do not have to spend three hours doing makeup or spend thousands of dollars just to look Halloween ready? That’s because the Halloween fashion trend this year is all about unique yet simple looks that are easy to recreate!

If you wish to join the bandwagon, here’s the fashion trend that is booming this Halloween.



This Halloween, come dressed as a sexy pineapple simply by wearing a yellow tank top and midi skirt ensemble. Pair it off with black flats and sunglasses. Oh, and do not forget to place a green leafy crown over your head.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

After the success of the movie Suicide Squad, the look of Harley Quinn has become the favorite of many cosplayers. For this look, all you need is blue and pink hair color, spiked chokers, white shirt and a bit of creativity.



In 2011, Bey showed up at one of the Halloween parties dressed up as Queen Bee. You can do this too by wearing a sexy bee pajama and a pair of yellow and black striped pumps.

Starbucks Rainbow Drinks

Starbucks Rainbow Drinks

Diehard Starbucks fans can pay tribute to their favorite drinks during the Halloween by wearing tube dresses in blue, yellow, orange or pink with a Starbucks logo in the tummy area and a cardboard straw in their heads.


Sexy Skeleton

All that you will need is a tight fitting black turtleneck and long sleeve overall then use a white pen or chalk to draw a picture of a skeleton on it.

Snapchat's Butterfly Filter

Snapchat’s Butterfly Filter

Make the Snapchat’s butterfly filter come to life by putting three glittered butterfly cutouts on each side of your head then use makeup to achieve the whimsical look and take a photo with #nofilter.

Twinning Emoji

Twinning Emoji

You and your best friend can be the darling of the crowd at your Halloween party when you pull off the Twinning Emoji look. Just simply wear matching black leotards, black flats, bunny ear headbands and identical blonde wigs.



It seems like the craze over PokemonGo is not going to die down anytime so we recommend dressing up as the world’s favorite Pokemon-Pikachu. All you need is a Pikachu hoodie that is available in different stores online.



If you want your outfit to trend in social media sites, there is no better costume to wear than the actual “Hashtag”! Simply attach cardboard lines forming the shape of “#” in your shirt.

Pokemon Trainer

Pokemon Trainer

Since Pokemon Go took the world by storm, it is expected that it will be the top costume trend for 2016. For sure, the team that will get the most representation is Team Mystic. To join the bandwagon, you will need a poke ball, leggings, sneakers, fingerless gloves, and a baseball cap.

What are you waiting for? Bookmark this now so you don’t have to go crazy looking for costume pegs for trick or treat!

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