Trending Thanksgiving Outfits Ideas 2022-2023

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated October 13, 2022
Trending Thanksgiving Outfits Ideas 2022-2023

Wondering what to wear on Thanksgiving day?

We have the best and the most practical Thanksgiving outfits for you so you can stay stylish and comfortable while also unafraid to get third helpings of stuffing and pie!

Thanksgiving dinner is one of the most anticipated meals of the year during which, admittedly, most of us tend to eat more than we probably should.

So, one way to make sure you will be having a great time is to choose an outfit that can handle each extra serving without making you feel and look constricted around the tummy. Amidst the cold Fall weather, it should also keep you cozy and warm.

Read on for nine adorable and trendy outfits that will surely blow the socks off of everyone!

Nine Trending Thanksgiving Outfits

1. Jumpsuit And Heeled Boots

Thanksgiving Outfits 2019
Jumpsuit And Heeled Boots

Key in this mustard yellow jumpsuit outfit is the drawstring waist. You can start it off pretty tight and gradually loosen it with each serving!

Pair it with a pair of Heel Booties and tory gold or tortoise earrings for a nice combination of Autumn colors.

2. Loose Velvet Dress

Loose Velvet Dress For Thanksgiving

Next on our list of Thanksgiving outfits is this ensemble composed of a luxurious blue velvet dress, an ankle boot, a small gray leather hobo bag, and a leather jacket.

Because you will be stuffing your face with a lot of food, the dress will keep you comfortable while the velvet fabric effectively hides the fact that the dress has a lot of room.

The ankle boots are also perfect for keeping you steady after all the wine you’ll be drinking. If you’re not into the blue color, you may also opt for this chic black velvet dress instead. It’s comfy enough, so there is no need to change for an after-dinner hangout time with your friends or family.

3. Asymmetric Jumper And Boyfriend Jeans

Asymmetric Jumper And Boyfriend Jeans

Who says jeans and Thanksgiving outfits do not go well together? Not us, at least! Thanksgiving is one of the best times to wear a pair of boyfriend jeans.

Why? Well, it does not only keep things at a casual level but also makes you look slimmed-down and prevent you from appearing too sloppy even after eating all those foods.

Wear it with a light-colored cable-knit asymmetrical jumper sweater and ankle boots to hide your turkey tummy and to make everything comes together nicely.

4. Off-The-Shoulder Top And Midi Skirt In Elegant Dark Fall Colors

Off-The-Shoulder Top And Midi Skirt In Elegant Dark Fall Colors

Whether or not you will be spending Thanksgiving in a cold state, dark color palettes are always dependable regarding keeping you looking slim and lean.

One of the most trendy Thanksgiving outfits is this getup that also prioritizes your comfort. It consists of a loose Georgette Midi Skirt and a pair of suede sandals with low heels.

With the bottom half all covered up, show a bit of skin and keep your body temperature in check with an off-the-shoulder blouse! The dark, warm, vivid fall colors of this outfit give it a nice accent and a festive holiday feel.

5. Topshop Ruffled One-Shoulder Midi Dress

Topshop Ruffled One-Shoulder Midi Dress

If you are going for a classy, modern, stylish look without having to exert much of an effort, this is one of the best Thanksgiving outfits choice! Simply wear a one-shoulder floral printed dress that will surely turn heads when you enter the room!

Not only that, but it also has a tie-waist which makes it expandable, leaving you with more than enough room for another slice of pie or another serving of mashed potatoes and gravy!


6. Plain Button Up Shirt And Distressed Jeans

Plain Button Up Shirt And Distressed Jeans

What better Thanksgiving dinner outfits can you think of than this one? Not many, that’s for sure! It has the flannel plaid print that’s characteristic of the season in the form of this three-quarter plaid shirt. Wear it with a light sleeveless military anorak vest to keep you warm and cozy.

For a nice touch of rebelliousness and edge, wear these with a pair of dark distressed high-waisted skinny jeans. One secret about these jeans is that they are stretchable and will accommodate second (or even third) helpings!

Finish everything off with a casual vintage hobo canvas handbag, faux suede chunky-heeled ankle boots, and a quartz gold analog watch!

7. Simple Woman’s Thanksgiving Dress

Simple Woman’s Thanksgiving Dress

Probably the easiest and most hassle-free outfit out of the items in this Thanksgiving outfits list, this one features an ultra comfy and stylish brushed jersey plum cowlneck dress that fits easily and loosely while keeping a straight silhouette.

For added comfort and protection, wear it with a pair of cute black suede ankle booties. I think it all comes together nicely with a simple matching black purse or clutch bag and a double layer long necklace!

8. Off-The-Shoulder Top And High Rise Jeans

Off-The-Shoulder Top And High Rise Jeans

Black denim definitely looks more dressy than blue denim. Plus, these high-rise jeans are also designed to look good while holding everything in! Pair them with a dark printed off-the-shoulder top like this floral piece from H&M for a pleasant pop of color!

9. Easy, Comfortable, And Cute Thanksgiving Swing Dress

Cute Thanksgiving Swing Dress

Last but not the least on our list is this Swing Dress that makes up a stunning statement look. It shows the colors of the season and keeps things loose and simple.

Wear it with black spandex tights to keep your legs warm and black lace-up ankle boots to protect your feet. Top it off with a simple chain knot and tassel necklace as a finishing touch!

Because we all experience our fair share of stress during this season, choosing good Thanksgiving outfits does not have to be hard. Also, you do not have to sacrifice comfort for style because these two can absolutely go hand-in-hand.

Try these simple, easy, outfit ideas or mix and match different pieces to give it your personal touch. I’m sure your Thanksgiving celebration will be much more fun and enjoyable!

By Gorgeousgirl Staff

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