Puberty & Growing Up

Puberty : 5 Things Every Parents Should Know About IT

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated December 20, 2023
Puberty : 5 Things Every Parents Should Know About IT

How To Deal With Puberty

If there’s one thing that parents worry the most about, it is how to deal with puberty of their children. We know that parents have always looked at their children like they will be forever their little babies but whether they like it or not, their children will grow up eventually and the least that they can do is to prepare them for the changes that will come.

With that in mind, here are some of the things that you need to know on how to deal with puberty:

1.There’s no magic age when you should talk about puberty.

One of the biggest questions that parents have is when should they start talking with their children about puberty. The truth is, there is no perfect age when you should do the talk. You just have to find the perfect timing.

There are times when it would be best that you talk to them about puberty even before any signs develop so you can prep them up for whatever changes might come their way. On the other hand, there are some who wait for their children to ask questions but if your child is the shy type, then you may have to initiate the talk.

2.You must keep the talk reassuring.

The talk is supposed to be about sharing puberty information or facts to your children but don’t let it just be informative—it should be reassuring too. Keep in mind that puberty is an overwhelming and confusing phase for your children and some of them may feel insecure and alone. So the best that you can do is to reassure them and make them feel that you are with them during this phase.


3.Not all children follow all the same puberty pattern.

Puberty does not work the same way and follows the same pattern for all children. There are some girls who exhibit other signs of sexual development earlier than expected. These early changes do not mean that your child has a problem but visiting the doctor would not hurt too.

4.It is okay for you to talk to your child about puberty even if you are not of the same sex.

Many mothers would feel shy and awkward to speak with their little boys about puberty, and this goes the same way for fathers. However, you should not let your gender differences get in the way. In fact, this might be the perfect opportunity for you to show your children that it is perfectly normal for grown-ups to be well versed with the bodies of both men and women.

5.Know the biggest concerns of your child during puberty.

During puberty, your children will experience lots of changes—both physically and emotionally. At this time, the most important thing that you should let your kids know that all these changes are just normal so they can cultivate healthy feelings about their changing bodies.

Let’s face it—puberty is a challenging time not just for the children but for the parents as well. With the tips mentioned above, you can help your child go through puberty in the best way possible.


By Gorgeousgirl Staff

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