How To Get Rid Of Dark Underarms? Try Out These Easy Ways

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated June 7, 2021
How To Get Rid Of Dark Underarms? Try Out These Easy Ways

You might be sexy. Your skin may look flawless. You may have the most beautiful face in the world. You might be the most charming woman any man could ever meet. But if you have dark underarms, no man will ever dare court or pursue you.

Yes, whether they admit it or not, how your armpits look matters a lot to men. So if you want to meet your prince charming, get married and have a beautiful family, we suggest that you start doing something about those dark underarms of yours. Lucky for you, we already have some tips below:

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    Get rid of dark underarms and body odor with sandalwood.

    Sandalwood is commonly used to spice up dishes, but it is also terribly effective in treating dark underarms. That’s because it has skin lightening properties. It is also useful against body odor brought about by excessive sweating.

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    Lighten dark underarms with lemon juice.

    Aside from being an antibacterial agent, lemon is a natural bleach too. To use this, gently rub a lemon wedge in your underarms. Leave it for 10 minutes. Rinse it off with water afterwards.

    But keep in mind that lemon has the tendency to dry out skin so applying moisturizer after this treatment is a must.

    Lemon juice
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    Remove dead skin cells with baking soda.

    Baking soda is an effective natural scrub that can solve your dark underarms problem. In addition to getting rid of dead skin cells, it can also unclog your pores.

    To use this, mix baking soda with water to form a paste. Apply this paste to underarms as you would do with a scrub. Wash off and pat dry. Do this treatment few times a week.

    Baking soda
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    Exfoliate underarms with natural scrubs.

    One great way on how to get rid of dark underarms is to remove dead skin cells in the underarms. That is what natural scrubs can do for you. There are plenty of all-natural scrubs that you can buy from the market. You can use a soft loofah in applying the scrub but scrub gently to avoid skin irritations.

    Natural scrubs
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    Bleach underarms with potato.

    Potato has always been known to be a natural bleaching agent, making it one of the best remedies on how to get rid of dark underarms. But since it is only mildly acidic, it will not irritate the skin like other bleaching products do. To use this, just simply rub a thin potato slice in your underarms. Do this treatment twice a day.


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