How To Get Rid Of Laugh Lines And Wear A Beautiful Smile Always

Laugh Lines: Overview on Skin Fine Lines That Break A Beautiful Smile - Tips and Tricks for Reducing the Appearance of Laugh Lines Naturally

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated February 16, 2023
How To Get Rid Of Laugh Lines And Wear A Beautiful Smile Always

Laugh lines seem to denote positivity in life, as it proves you have had several happy moments filled with smiles and laughter. So, why is it that some people are looking for ways on how to get rid of laugh lines?

Most people get bothered by having laugh lines as it can make you appear older. It seems to be a part of the much dreaded fine lines, and wrinkles people develop as they age. Although, it is important to note that some people develop early laugh lines at 20. It runs from the nose to both outer corners of the mouth and also along the eyes area. Given the large surface area it consumes, there is no denying it can be noticeable, especially if they are deep in nature.

A lot of people resort to surgery for laugh lines treatment, but this need not be the case for everybody. There are tons of home remedies on how to get rid of laugh lines. There are many methods a person can take to mitigate, delay, reduce, or prevent laugh lines such as remove laugh line exercises and natural remedies.

1. What Causes Laugh Lines?

Young skin is always smooth and elastic. With plenty of collagen and elastin, it can stretch and return back to its original form with ease. As time, goes by, the elasticity gets reduced, and the skin may sag and wrinkle in specific areas of the face. Once collagen and elastin start breaking down, the appearance of skin indentations begins.

2. How To Get Rid Of Laugh Lines

prevent laugh lines

Here are some of the proven ways to get rid of laugh lines:

I.Facial Exercises

Here are some facial exercises that you can do:

a) Perform Basic Facial Exercise

The logic behind the remove laugh lines exercises: Addressing the muscles of orbicularis oris is important because it makes sure that the overlying skin is properly supported. The muscles, when worked on, prevent sagging of the skin and reduce the look of fine lines.

  • Place your index fingers inside the corners of your mouth hooking them and gently pulling them towards the side.
  • Refrain from stretching too much, only going as far as one-fourth of an inch.
  • Do it again towards the other side.
  • As you hold the position, make sure the corners of your mouth are turned towards each other. Fight off the movement by using your index fingers.
  • Do this for about 25 times on each side.

exercise for smile lines

b) Do Some Resistance Smiles

The logic behind the procedure: This is probably one of the best ways to get rid of laugh lines. It works by beefing up the cheek muscles and lessening the skin creases. The method also improves skin elasticity, lifting it up, and putting a stop to the development of other possible creases.

  • Put your fingers over the laugh lines.
  • Widely smile with your mouth open. Hold for about five seconds.
  • Rest and repeat for 30 times.

c) Try Doing The Most Effective Exercise To Reduce Laugh Lines, Thumbs Near Your Eye Corners

Logic behind the procedure: This exercise can help make the corners of your eyes draw outward to fight the effects of laugh lines. The cheek muscles will move upwards naturally, along with the eye creases and wrinkles.

  • Close your eyes and place your thumbs near the corner of your eyes. The rest of your fingers should be resting on the top of your head.
  • Slide your thumbs away from the eyes and closer to the temples.
  • Maintain the position for a few seconds. Repeat about ten times.

II. Natural Home Remedies for Laugh Lines

reduce the appearance

Try these homemade remedies that have been proven to be effective:

  • Slather On Some Oil

Adding a little grease to loosen up the tightness around your mouth is a good idea. Just put a little amount on your fingertips and massage it on the corner of your mouth lines or other areas needing attention. Try coconut oil for best results.

  • Take Advantage Of FruitsWhen consumed, they are great sources of vitamins and minerals, but they are also perfect for exfoliating and tightening the skin when applied. Remove the laugh lines by eradicating dead skin cells. Use lemon or pineapple juice to do the trick. Avocado surprisingly can be a solution on how to get rid of laugh lines, as well. It contains natural fats and nutrients and has high amounts of vitamin E. Carrot juices when consumed orally also keeps the skin youthful and fresh – a simple solution on how to get rid of laugh lines without spending too much.

III. Spice Things Up

Your anti-aging skin care routine should not be complete without some spices, namely cinnamon, and turmeric. Masks containing these two ingredients are great for reducing laugh lines around the eyes and mouth. Just leave it on for twenty minutes onwards, or even overnight. Rinse with warm water.

IV. Make Some Egg White Masks

egg mask for fine lines and wrinkles

Making egg white masks is another cost-effective way that beats costly dermatological procedures. Egg whites have proven, time and time again, they’re worth in the skin care regimen business. Place them on the wrinkles of the mouth, along with the upper lip, up to the nasolabial fold can loosen the tight skin and lighten the area. Just make sure that after application, the egg mixture has dried well on the skin before completely removing it.

3) How To Prevent Laugh Lines

corners of your mouth lines

Apart from facial exercises and natural remedies, there are plenty other ways of how to get rid of laugh lines or at least prevent its development.

I. Steer Clear Of The Sun

If you can’t, slather on some sunscreen or wear a hat. Treatments for laugh lines are expensive unless you go for home remedies. Limiting sun exposure, not only help you in fighting laugh lines but wrinkles in general and plenty of skin diseases.

II. Take In Enough Antioxidants

Diets rich in anti-oxidants have high concentrations of vitamin C.Vitamin C fights cancer cells, which is a great bonus, but they also fight off free radicals that can make a person’s skin look older.

Having laugh lines at 20 years of age is not at all attractive, so make sure you watch what you eat.


III. Conceal The Lines With Makeup

For the ladies, if you want to get instant results. There are ways on how to get rid of smile lines with makeup

  • First, apply the anti-aging cream.
  • Buy a soft cream concealer. Finding the right concealer type is tricky. The stick type will not do the trick. Dab a generous amount directly on the laugh lines, using your ring finger.
  • Choose a foundation, closer to your skin color. For this, you should use a make-up brush. Blend it well.
  • Dust the oiliness off with just a little amount of powder.

With all these, the best advice you can take away on how to get rid of laugh lines is to live a healthy lifestyle and maintain a good skin care regimen.

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