Best Anti Aging Skin Care If You Know Your Skin Has Started Aging

by GorgeousGirl Staff, Updated June 14, 2017
Best Anti Aging Skin Care If You Know Your Skin Has Started Aging

Aging comes with a myriad of changes in the body. Besides internal body organs, the skin, which is an external structure is largely affected. However, maintaining a healthy and youthful skin even with advancing age is quite possible. The simple process involves observing various skincare routines. Healthy skin aficionados should have a regular skin care routine that covers on various skin treatment processes.

Lack of a well-developed skincare routine result in premature and mature signs of aging. The 7 most common signs of aging include the following:

  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Dark spots
  • Sagged skin
  • Laugh lines
  • Dry skin
  • Dull glow-less skin

Keeping this signs at bay is possible as mentioned before. However, in the quest of finding the best anti-aging skin care, many people make several mistakes.

Some of the common anti-aging skin care mistakes you should avoid include the following.


1. Skipping the sunscreen


Skipping the sunscreen


Sunscreen is described by many as the ultimate anti-aging tool. Many people ignore using this product especially when the sun isn’t beachy outside. However, note that sun rays containing the UV rays with damaging effects are not restricted to strong sun rays. That said, always wear a sunscreen if your plans involve outdoor activities where there is contact with the sun. Sun of any quality and quantity contains the harmful UV rays. Contact with these rays, especially for long periods can result in skin damage.

Choosing a sunscreen suitable for incorporation among the best anti-aging skin care routine is somewhat a daunting task. This is why you need to consider some tips when searching for the best sunscreen. Some of the key factors to look into when searching for the best sunscreen include the following:

  • The SPF values – Always go for a sunscreen with an SPF value ranging from 30-50.
  • The ingredient profiles – There are numerous sunscreens available in the market currently. However, all the products differ in their ingredient blend. Always consider purchasing sunscreens with recommended ingredient profile. Others could have ingredient blends with adverse side effects.
  • Your skin type – Different sunscreens suit different types. Just to mention, there are four main skin types. They include the dry skin, oily skin, natural, and combination. Consider finding a sunscreen suitable for your skin type.
  • The brand – Sunscreens, like other products, can be chosen depending on their brands.
  • Affordability – Consider using a sunscreen that suits your budget.
  • Ability to resist water – Numerous summer activities involve contact with water. Be it swimming or playing that result in sweating, always consider one that is water resistant to avoid instances of reapplication.



2. Scrimping on Sunglasses


Scrimping on Sunglasses


A pair of cool shades is not only a cool factor but also minimizes the formation of lines around your eyes. Exposing your eyes to the sunshine glare may result in eye squinting and crow’s feet. Besides, this exposes the delicate eye skin to the destructive sun rays. To add to this, wearing sunglasses protects the eyelids and eyeballs that could be susceptible to sun damage. That said, consider using sunglasses especially when exposed to too much glare.


3. Rubbing and tugging on tired eyes


Rubbing and tugging on tired eyes


Many people are fond of rubbing tired eyes. Yes, this could feel so good, but there are associated side effects. Not only will it cause stretches on the delicate skin but also result in slackening. As mentioned before, the skin around the eyes is delicate. That said, it is sensitive to any stretch and most vulnerable. Therefore, avoid rubbing and tugging on this skin. Alternatively, consider keeping the skin hydrated with gel based products or creamy and content rich lotions which are not too heavy for the skin.


4. Neglecting the neck, hands, and chest


Neglecting the neck, hands, and chest


Many publications indicate that the true age of a woman can be gauged from the skin of her neck, chest, and hands. This is due to the delicate nature of this skin type. The reason is that they lack sufficient oil glands. This results in drying and accelerated aging especially if not taken care of.

The hands, chest, and neck require utmost care and moisturizing. This involves the use of anti-aging serums. Looking into various anti-aging tips will guide you to find the most appropriate hand, chest and neck serum.


5. Disturbed Sleep Schedule


Disturbed Sleep Schedule


Sleep is a critical component to beauty. At any stage or age, sleeping sufficiently is of immense importance, especially in maintaining your skin’s health. That said, you should stick to your consistent sleeping cycle. Just to mention, there are four stages of sleep. Ensure that you go through all the stages, culminating in the REM sleep stage. Experts note that the body and skin heal the most during sleep. Disrupting your sleep cycle disrupts the release of various hormones with inflammatory effect in the body. Always develop a nighttime routine for regular and sufficient sleep and stick to it.


6. Not Washing Your Makeup Off


Not Washing Your Makeup Off


Taking off your makeup before retiring to bed is important. Falling asleep with your daily makeup on is a nasty habit. The makeup itself and dirt accumulated can clog and congest your skin pores. If you feel too lazy for that, consider the use of lightweight makeup formulas, which are the recent advancements.



7. Over-Plucking the Eyebrows


Over-Plucking the Eyebrows


In a bid to enhance their beauty, some women pluck their eyebrows much. This is an activity that many will regret with advancing time. Constant plucking of eyebrows causes the hair to eventually stop growing. This is because plucking causes trauma to the hair follicles. This causes the hair to shift back, growing thinner and thinner. Once it’s gone, it is gone for good.


Aging is an aspect that everyone must undergo. However, the quality of skincare and skincare practices will determine and draw differences. Maintaining a youthful and young look even with advancing age is equally important.

This is because you cannot withstand the various signs of aging, especially if they appear prematurely. That said, develop a skin care routine that counters and incorporates all the aspects of healthy skin. Note that using quality products in your routine is principal to the success of the practice. Besides, take note of the various anti-aging tips for a better experience.

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