How To Pop A Pimple: Effective And Painless Way To Pop A Pimple

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated June 1, 2023
How To Pop A Pimple: Effective And Painless Way To Pop A Pimple

Most of us tend to think that people who don’t do anything to their skin but still have flawless, beautiful complexions are like unicorns and never exist. Well, that might be wrong. Some people can sleep with a face full of makeup and moisturizers containing butter but still not get a single pimple. However, to some other people, pimples are number one skin issue. During the teenage age having a pimple to most of us was just normal. I mean almost everyone among our peers had a pimple. When you are an adult, on the other hand, there is nothing bad as having a pimple. In particular, when it pops out right at your face and you have an important presentation or date for that matter. With such a pimple, you can break out and break out uncontrollably. At times we go further to try out various acne removal techniques. In that unimaginable search for unrealistic Photoshop perfection, you can find yourself doing a lot of things to your skin that you can regret doing. Among the various spot treatments options, popping a pimple can be one of the hardest things to do considering the pain that comes with it. Therefore when it comes to this stage, it is important to know how to pop a pimple painlessly. However, for starters, we have to understand what is the clear liquid that comes out of a pimple?

1. Formation Of a Pimple

Formation Of a Pimple

Pimples normally develop at any age but are mostly common during teenage years. The pimples form at various parts of the body such as the face, neck, back, shoulders, and neck. A condition of the skin that causes a high number of pimples is the acne. Among what causes pimples is hormonal changes that might happen during puberty, pregnancy, and menstruation. Pimples can be classified as whiteheads which are small pimples, blackheads that form when a plug that clogs the pore sits close to the surface of the skin, and pustules and papules. Pimples develop when sebaceous glands found on the skin surface become overactive thus producing too much sebum. The result is the pore being clogged with oil and the dead skin cell hence the formation of a plug. The bacteria formed in the plug multiply to produce an infection and swelling. This is how a pimple forms.

For blackhead removal through popping, one has to be extremely careful. Here are some of the painless ways on how to pop a pimple.

2. An Effective Way To Pop a Pimple

Effective Way To Pop a Pimple

Here is one of the best methods on how to pop a pimple under the skin. You will have to follow up the following steps.

  • Leave a Pimple To Be Ready Before Popping

    Pop a Pimple

    Firstly, you will have to leave a pimple to be ready to be popped. A pimple has to leave until it forms a firm whitehead. This is the sign that the pus is near the surface of the skin hence easier to extract. A pimple that is deep inside the skin can be painful to pop, and if popped at such a time, bacteria and debris can enter the pores which can lead to more pimples.

  • Coat a Pimple With Lotion The Night Before Popping

    Pimple Care
    The pimple area should be covered with a lotion such as Aloe Vera to make the popping less painful since it can help soften the dry and crusty zits.

  • Clean The Pimple Area

    how to clean pimple area

    With a cotton swab and soap, you will have to clean the pimple area using warm water. With this step on how to pop a pimple, warm water is very essential. This is because when learning on how to get rid of pimples, warm water will always open up the pores hence making the pimples easier to pop.

  • Wash Your Hands

    hygiene for popping a pimple

    Never touch a pimple without washing your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water before embarking on the extraction of a pimple.

  • Prick The Pimple Head

    steps for pimple popping

    This is one of the stages that one has to be careful when learning on how to pop a pimple. Dermatologists’ advise us to use a sterilized needle to drain out a pimple. On this technique of how to pop a pimple under the skin, the needle that is sterilized with either perfume or spirit should only be used when a pimple won’t easily pop.

  • Actual Popping

    popping out the pimple

    Hold a cotton swab or a clean tissue on your hand then gently squeeze the pimple with slight pressure. If the pus doesn’t come out slickly, you should stop immediately as it is proof that the pimple is not ready. After popping out the pimple, you can use apply some spirit and alcohol or benzoyl peroxide on a cotton swab then gently rub it at the popped pimple. Rubbing alcohol may be bit stinging but it will end up being fine. Alcohol and benzoyl peroxide will help in the healing process since they are antibacterial solutions that can clear the bacteria left. The wound can also be treated through dabbing some salicylic acid on the wound to clear some bacteria remaining inside the pimple.


    3. Precautions Or Care While Popping a Pimple

    precautions while popping a pimple

    a) Wash your hands with soap and warm water before touching a pimple.
    b) Sterilize the needle that should be used to pop a pimple before using it.
    c) Don’t poke a pimple too early. Instead wait until your pimple has a firm white head.
    d) Do not touch deep-seated, painful nodules, lesions and cysts.

    Despite the availability of different ways on how to pop a pimple under the skin, the above technique is the painless way to clear them out. However, if the pimples are so many and painful, a visit to the dermatologist can be the last option. and get the answer what is the clear stuff that comes out of a pimple?

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