Latest Jewellery Trends You Should Wear on Maxi Dresses and Crop Tops

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated October 13, 2022

Spicing up maxi dresses and crop tops can be quite a daunting activity. To begin, the maxi dress and crop tops are fashion dress codes suitable for summer seasons. As you may be aware, new seasons come with new trends. For summer, due to the nature of activities involved and the prevailing weather conditions, dresses such as the maxi type and crop tops are the best. However, one cannot be fully dressed without intriguing accessories that enhance your look.

That said, as your clothes and shoes adapt to new trends, so should your jewelry. As mentioned before, latest jewelry trends are a fantastic way of completing any look. Just to mention, nothing compares to the classy gleam of gem necklace, a perfect pair of earrings and a pop of color. This is perhaps the reason why the list of jewelry trends 2017 noted down below will come in handy when searching for the latest jewelry designs.

As promised by fashion icons, auditors and aficionados, this year’s trends are more likely to be bold and better yet vibrant compared to the preceding seasons. However, when searching for the latest jewelry designs, consider a wide range of factors. The geometric shape, logos, brand name, and color are just but a few to mention. Note that any potential accessory should auger well with the maxi dresses and crop tops. Some of the season’s latest fashion jewelry to get excited about including the following.


1. The Tribal


The Tribal


The tribal jewelry is one of the many to reckon this summer. It adds energy to the touch of exotic flair on your outfits. Just to mention, the origin of the tribal jewelry can be traced back the native Americans and occupants of the Sub-Saharan Africa. This is why this trend is rich in style and variety made from a combination of textures and patterns. Some of the common traditional tribal jewelry were made from leather, bones, and stones.

Finishing up your crop-top or maxi-dress with perfect choice regarding color and design of the tribal necklace never goes wrong.

Many people recommend and prefer the heaven beaded necklace or the lemon-yellow beaded type with yellow beads laced up in three layers. Piece elucidates glamor and prestige for an evening out.


2. Vintage




Vintage wears are impeccably one of the most famous and sought-after accessories of the century. Since their inception, this design has never faded out. It is a perfect choice for a free-spirited girl. It is an exquisite and brilliant idea to include in your casual summer day outfit. Vintage pieces are made out of natural materials including stones, woods, and amber. This explains their long-lasting effect besides the rugged and earthy vibe.

To create a strong sense of individuality, the vintage wears are made with lots of innovative details. You can customize your design to suit personal demands or needs. One of the common vintage wear is the hallowed leaf bracelet which reveals a combination of golden charms and brown leather effects, not only for a perfect but also beautiful, laid-back vibe.


3. 60s Inspired


60s Inspired


Stepping back into the 60s, jewelry and overall accessory wears were quite outstanding. This is perhaps the reason why the 60s inspired trends are making a perfect comeback being among the jewelry trends 2017. As mentioned before, the 60s summers were full of beautiful bright colored items and flower charms. The pieces lightened the feeling of femininity besides bringing some sense of freshness and breezy onto your maxi summer dress. One of the most recommended 60s inspired jewelry styles is the Daisy choker. It features a gold finish with a secure lobster clasp. Besides the crop-top or maxi-dress, complement the look with your favorite wedge sandals and down laid hair. This elicits the true 60s babe look.


4. Edgy Cuffs


Edgy Cuffs


Rocking the right cuffs can make any woman look like a fierce cat. It has been noted that ladies who like standing out prefer rocking the cuffs. Whether true or not, the edge cuffs are bold, firm and evoke a true goddess feeling. This makes it a perfect accessory for fashionistas and trend aficionados to stand out. It has a chunky shape that complete the stunning look of a crop-top merged with a sizeable black skirt or short and a pair of stiletto shoes. Like other common and most sought-after accessories appearing among the latest jewelry designs, they are available in numerous designs. They are made from varying materials such as plastic, metals, and leather. You can customize your order and color to suit your outfit.

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Just to mention, make a preference of the multilayered cuff. The cuff features several intertwined bands of pink leather. This makes it a fun accessory especially for outdoor activities, events, and parties.


5. Statement Necklaces


Statement Necklaces


The statement necklaces are one of the hottest and latest fashion jewelry of the season. Not only are they of provocative shapes and colors, but also provide a vibrant and strong entrance. The statement necklace can be worn to complement or finish of various fashion designs. Beside the crop-top and the super summer maxi-dress, you can rock this accessory with skinny jeans or a simple strapless dress for a casual look. Amongst the many available types and designs, prefer purchasing the sharp-edged necklace. As the name suggests, it has sharp, tooth-like beads making it a unique design. Additionally, its ultra-marine blue color is a pure touch of class, sophistication, and drama.


Finding the best idea to complete your maxi-dress and crop-top can such a challenging task. Coupled with the fact that there are a bewildering types, styles, brands, and designs of accessories that are available for this type of look, expect much enthusiasm and anxiety. However, alleviate all this with the simple guide and designs mentioned above. They can come in handy when finding the best ideas. Besides, always consult friends, fashion enthusiast, models and other persons with overwhelming knowledge in this sector.

Before settling on any specific design, have some brief understanding about the jewelry. This includes the origin and cultural representations associated with the designs. This will enable you to find the perfect item for your scheduled event.

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