8 Makeup Mathy & Facts You Gotta Know

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated October 13, 2022
8 Makeup Mathy & Facts You Gotta Know

Though you can learn about millions of tips on how to select and apply cosmetic products through the internet, television or even friends, but how can you be sure that these tips are worth trying? Most of these tips happen to be nothing but myths. We have come up a list of makeup myths you must have heard several times.

1. Moisturizers and primers work the same way.

No, this is not so. Primers help to ease the application of foundation by creating a smooth base. Moisturizers hydrate the skin, controlling dryness. Apply a primer after moisturizing the skin before you apply foundation.

2. Red lipstick cannot be used by everyone.

This is absolutely wrong. Any lady can rock a red lipstick and look stunning. The only tip is that, pick the right red for your skin tone.

3. Get rid of clumps by pumping your mascara.

Mascara can deteriorate easily with usage. If air is pumped into the mascara, it will only dry faster and cause bacterial accumulation. Get rid of mascara clumps by rotating the mascara wand in the tube. Before applying to your eyelashes, wipe with a tissue.

4. Lip plumper can make your lips size increase.

Lip plumper contains cinnamon, hot pepper, caffeine, and menthol. They irritate your lips and result in a swollen effect. The only probable solution for thinner lips is getting lip increase done with hyaluronic acid fillers.

5. Your eye color cannot be matched with eye shadow.

The fact that blue eyes cannot put on blue eye shadows or brown eye cannot wear brown eye shadows are pure misconceptions. The truth of the matter is that matching colors go on to make a bold statement.

6. You can sleep with makeup.

The skin moisturizes, regenerates, and becomes fresher during sleep. Leaving your makeup on overnight can clog the pores, leading to skin dehydration and infections.

7. Do not use foundation around the eye.

New latest makeup foundations are alcohol-free. They don’t dry skin. They can be applied around the eyes without fear of causing small wrinkles.

8. Makeup causes breakouts.

No, makeup doesn’t cause a breakout. Poor hygiene, utilizing low quality and expired products can bring about acne and other infections. Other causes include sleeping with makeup on, using unclean brushes etc.

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