Say Good Bye to Aging! Follow These Makeup Tips to Look Younger

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated September 22, 2021
Say Good Bye to Aging! Follow These Makeup Tips to Look Younger

Does your skin feel a little dry and blah lately? Do you hate looking at the mirror because all you see are fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging?

We know that aging is a part of life but still, many women will never be prepared to experience all these signs. Maybe you are already considering having a surgery or facelift or any surgery that can help reverse these signs. But before you do that, we are happy to announce to you that you can get the same effects with the use of makeup. How? Here are some tips:

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    Hide crow’s feet using a liquid concealer.

    One of the hardest signs to conceal are those lines around the eyes that make you look older than you are. Since crow’s feet has a brown undertone, one of the best makeup tips to look younger is to use a liquid concealer with a pinkish tone. We recommend going for liquid eyeliner to prevent caking problems that are common in powder forms.

    Liquid concealer
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    Make your skin look flawlessly young by applying makeup using a wet sponge.

    One of the best makeup tips to look younger is to keep skin hydrated at all times. One great way to do that is to apply foundation using a wet sponge. A wet sponge can absorb some of the foundation while the water things out the rest, allowing you to enjoy the optimal coverage and prevents the makeup from looking too opaque.

    Wet sponge
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    Add a touch of youthful rosiness to your youth by using lipstick in shades of pink and mauve.

    As we age, our lips get thinner and drier. To address that, it is recommended that you use a hydrating lip balm with sun protection. It is also best that you opt for mauve and pink shades as it can bring back the youthful glow of your lips.

    lipstick in shades of pink and mauve
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    Fake wider and brighter looking eyes with a good lash curler.

    When we grow old, out skin loses its elasticity which causes our eyelids to droop. To look young, you need to fake lifted and brighter eyes. The simplest way to do this is to use a good lash curler and keep the curled lashes in place using a water-proof mascara. Rest assured, you will have brighter eyes in an instant!

    Eyelash curler

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