Matte Makeup Looks You Should Definitely Try To Look Flawless

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated July 31, 2021
Matte Makeup Looks You Should Definitely Try To Look Flawless

Matte makeup looks are perfect for photos. Additionally, matte makeup looks provide an excellent appearance especially if you are susceptible to oily skin. By using the right techniques and makeup, your entire face can achieve proper matte makeup foundation. When done, your eyes, lips, and skin will have your desired matte look. To prepare your skin for matte makeup, you need to wash and moisturize your skin properly. Doing so serves to ensure that your makeup doesn’t flake off and most importantly, it looks even. Use some lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser to wash your face. Try not to scrub your skin. Just use your fingertips to apply the cleanser and rinse off using water. Remember only to use moisturizers appropriate for your type of skin. Here is how to apply matte makeup.


1. Consider Exfoliating




After you’ve washed and moisturized your face, it’s time to exfoliate. Exfoliation helps reduce oil from your face and prepares your skin for a great matte look. However, remember that too much exfoliation can cause irritation to your skin. When using an exfoliating cleanser, use some lukewarm water to wet your face first and using circular motions, work your exfoliating cleanser inside your skin.
Makeup artists recommend paying special attention to the nose, chin, and the forehead. These areas are more likely to become oilier than others. Also, don’t go anywhere near your eyes as well as the area around the eyes. Finally, use clean water to rinse the exfoliating cleanser off.



2. Apply Toner




The best matte makeup looks must have a toner. Toners help balance out the pH level of your skin. Additionally, toners minimize your skin’s amount of oil thus providing an excellent way for a matte look. When applying your toner, consider using a cotton ball and allow the toner to dry before applying a moisturizer.


3. Apply Primer




Makeup primers ensure that makeup stays in place. Some primers have even been shown to provide additional benefits. For instance, you can opt for a primer particularly for a matte look finish or a primer that will reduce your pores. Make sure that your primer is applied to your entire face and more importantly, don’t forget to blend it well.


4. Applying Concealer And Matte Foundation




You will now need to apply foundation. There various foundation options to choose from including a BB cream, special matte formula, or normal foundation. Go for a foundation that will improve your skin’s look. Additionally, ensure that the color of your foundation matches the tone of your skin. Consider using a makeup brush or blending sponge to blend your foundation in. Ensure that your foundation is blended well on all your face’s areas.


5. Apply Concealer And Highlighter To The Areas Below Your Eyes




Apply some highlighter under your eyes followed by some concealer. Prior applying your concealer, make sure that your highlighter is well blended. Don’t forget to blend your concealer well too. Concealer can also be applied to other face areas that might take advantage of some additional coverage. For instance, if you have some blemish you’d like to hide, a well-blended dab of concealer can be very good.


6. Add Some Setting Powder




To complete your foundation look, sweep on some layer of setting powder. Only go for a color that will offer a matte effect and remember to blend it well on your entire face. When finished, your face should be shine-free and should look even. You can also use a loose powder foundation.


7. Applying Liner And Matte Eye Shadow




To come up with an awesome matte look for the eyes, apply a neutral color to the creases and lids. Using a small fluffy brush, apply several layers of a beige or light brown color. Make this several color shades darker than your skin tone. Also, avoid using colors that look luminous or shimmery. Instead, go for colors that look matte in the palette.
To put more emphasis on your eyes, consider adding some darker color to your crease. Also, ensure that the color of your eye shadow is matte too. Remember to sweep over some cream color on your lids. This will brighten your eyes’ look. To add some drama and accentuate your eyes, consider applying some black eye shadow especially near your upper eyelid’s outer corners. Avoid using shimmery products instead, go for a matte black eye shadow.


8. Use a Liquid Liner To Line Your Eyes




To complete your matte look, line your upper lids using a black liquid liner. Don’t use shimmery eyeliners, instead, go for a matte black eyeliner. Consider applying your eyeliner closer to the upper lash line.


9. Fill In Your Brows




Filling your eyebrows in will give you a more dramatic and polished look. Use a pencil or a matte brow powder to fill in the regions within and around your brows. Ensure that you stay within your eyebrows’ natural lines and don’t forget to fill them out evenly. To hold your eyebrow hairs, use wax or eyebrow mascara.


10. Highlight Your Inner Eye And Brow Bone




To finish with the eyes, consider adding a little highlighter on the lower eyelid’s inner corner and the brow bone as well. Remember that additional highlighter can make your face to look shimmery. Sweep some peach color blush or matte pink over the cheek bones. This will help accent a little, but make sure you don’t over-apply. For this look, your eyes are the center of attention. If your face is round, consider applying the blush on your cheekbones. Apply blush below your cheekbones if your face is heart-shaped.


These matte makeup tips will ensure that you achieve your desired matte look. For additional color on your lips, go for matte, subtle lipstick. Choose pink, earth, or nude tone shade. Once you’ve applied lipstick, press your lips together in order to distribute the color. To prevent your lipstick from bleeding, consider lining your lips using a matching lip pencil.

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