What Is Milk Makeup Cooling Water?

Milk Makeup Cooling Water claims to store all the benefits of sleep in a stick. The product promises to reduce eye puffiness in an instant and deliver ultimate hydration to the skin. It is also said to restore the glow of the skin by energizing it.

In this Milk Makeup Cooling Water review, we will be going over every detail you’ll need to know before you decide to purchase a new addition to your skincare routine. In this review we’ll start off by going over the general description of the product above, then we’ll move on the positives and negatives we’ve researched on this product. We’ll then cover the remaining details about the brand, how to use the product, and what we personally think when it comes to whether or not you should purchase this product. Let’s get started!

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Milk Makeup Cooling Water

Milk Makeup Cooling Water

Milk Makeup Cooling Water claims to store all the benefits of sleep in a stick. The product promises to reduce eye puffiness in an instant and deliver ultimate hydration to the skin.

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Milk Makeup aims to develop multi-use products that can match the on-the-go lifestyle that most women have these days. The packaging is manufactured with minimal to no preservatives.

For best results, simply glide the stick on your face, neck and around the eye area in the morning to cool and invigorate the skin. For an extra cooling effect, store the stick in the refrigerator overnight and use it in the morning. We recommend to have a patch test before applying as it cause skin irritation due to Stearic acid.

A stick of Milk Makeup Cooling Water costs USD 24 and can be bought from the official Milk Makeup website and other third-party retailer sites.

Milk Makeup Cooling Water Ingredients

Sea Water and Aloe Vera Juice

Both of these ingredients are designed to soothe and comfort irritated, dull and blemished skin. They also give a cooling effect that can stimulate and reinvigorate tired looking skin.


The ingredient can boost blood circulation which can energize the skin. It can also reduce eye puffiness and give the skin a youthful glow.


It may help skin retain moisture while reducing inflammation. It is also used to moisture on your skin,However sometimes it causes allergic eactions like rash like itching or swelling.

Pros and Cons of Milk Makeup Cooling Water

  • The product is also gluten-free.
  • This water can retain moisture into skin but may cause itching or swelling on skin.
  • It is also free from parabens.


Milk Makeup wants you to love their Milk Makeup Cooling Water as much as they do. If you were not satisfied with their products, you could contact them for the return details and process as they offer refund/exchange for any products within 30 days of purchase. If you have purchased the item from a retailer, contact the retailer directly for any inquiries.

If you wish to keep your skin wrinkle-free, and hydrated we recommend that you choose the best anti-aging skincare treatment that is much more affordable than this. Check out serious skincare insta-tox reviews to see if it’s worth trying.

The Final Word

The cooling stick is convenient to use as you can easily glide it on your skin without fuss. However, there are a few things you need to know about this product.

First, the stick contains alcohol (phenoxyethanol specifically) which is known for causing skin irritations. This type of alcohol is also related to cell death when used in the long run. In addition to that, the formulation is pretty basic, and it does not contain the mix of anti-aging and soothing ingredients that you can find in the most eye and facial creams in the market these days.

For its price and the value that it can give, we can say that the product is a bit expensive. We highly recommend that you choose a beauty stick that does not contain any harmful ingredient and has plenty of anti-aging and soothing ingredients.

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