What Is NeoStrata Oily Skin Solution?

NeoStrata Oily Skin Solution claims to de-clog pores. It is said to be a skin toner solution that can remove excess sebum and oil from acne-prone and oily skin. It can also address wrinkles, smoothens fine lines and makes skin plump and tight.

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NeoStrata Oily Skin Solution

NeoStrata Oily Skin Solution

NeoStrata Oily Skin Solution is marketed as an anti-aging skincare treatment, which is meant to rebuild the skin from the inside out.

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In this review we’ll start off by going over the details and biography from the official product description so you get an overall feel of the product. Then we’ll go on to compare and contrast what makes this product shine and what customers tend to have issues with when using this particular product. From there, we’ll be going over how to use the product and how often you should be using it, as well as the active ingredients in the product.Closing the review we’ll give you our honest opinion of the product and the guarantee for if you end up not being happy with your purchase.

How Does NeoStrata Oily Skin Solution Work?

As mentioned on its official website Neostrata is a company known for their passion for developing the best skin care products, especially in the anti aging category. Their founders have discovered various ingredients that have taken the science of dermatology to an entirely new level.

The manufacturer suggests for best results, apply a small amount of the product (using a cotton ball or pad) to the chest, face, back and other affected areas of the skin. For the first two weeks, apply this for only once daily. After that, you can use it twice a day. Make sure to follow it up with a sunscreen to achieve optimum results!
A 3.4 (100ml) oz plastic bottle of this product costs $32. You can buy it from the Neostrata official website. It is also available through various third party retailers.

What Are the NeoStrata Oily Skin Solution Ingredients?

8% Glycolic Acid:

This ingredient is the smallest molecule under the category of alpha hydroxy acids. As a result, it can be absorbed the skin easily, and it can penetrate the skin the deepest. This ingredient functions as an exfoliant which can remove dead skin cells and lead the way to a fresher and healthier looking skin. It is effective in smoothening fine lines as well as wrinkles. In addition to that, it also helps address clogged pores and promotes the renewal of the skin surface. However some online reviews say it causes burning sensation to sensitive skin.

Pros and Cons of NeoStrata Oily Skin Solution

  • It is specially formulated for acne-prone and oily skin.
  • The solution helps clear the pores.
  • It claims to plump and tighten skin. But, it won’t be suitable for sensitive skin.
  • The solution contains alcohol.
  • In the list of ingredients, the alcohol is listed second.
  • The product is a bit expensive.
  • This product provides a very little information about the product


Does NeoStrata Oily Skin Solution provide Guarantee?

A: If you are not satisfied with your NeoStrata Oily Skin Solution purchase, you can return the product for a full refund. You can avail of the money back guarantee as long as the product is bought from the site and you will return it within 30 days of the purchase date. Just email their customer service to process the return.

Final Thought:

There’s no denying that Neostrata is good at what they do. But are all of their products effective and worth buying? More importantly, is this product worth considering? Let us talk about a few details first.

With just one look at the ingredient list, you can see that alcohol is in it. This is a big no-no since this ingredient can dry the skin. When you take a closer look at the ingredient list, you can see that the alcohol is listed second. This means that a major portion of this skin solution is alcohol. This amount of alcohol is not recommended for a glycolic acid solution (or even for any skin care product). And for a toner that contains mostly alcohol, this is expensive.

We recommend that you look for a glycolic acid toner that does not contain as much alcohol as this product.

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