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This is a serum-to-primer formulation that doesn’t use silicone to improve the skin’s smoothness, deliver a visible lift, reduce pore size, and prime skin naturally. It contains active components that deeply hydrate skin, using ingredients that are gentle, which allows people with sensitivity issues to use it. There are many Perfect Canvas Finishing Serum uses other than prepping the skin’s texture for perfect and long-lasting makeup application, such as for protecting the skin’s barrier – this results in a healthier and more youthful complexion. Yet, most of its key ingredients are not substantially proven to work.

Marketed primarily as a solution to problems regarding makeup application, it is claimed to prepare the skin for easy makeup application. This helps ‘hide’ fine lines, wrinkles and other aging signs as well, but this effect is only temporary. However, there are components that encourage surface cell renewal, which may have long-term anti-aging effects. There are potent hydrating components as well, which helps make the skin softer and plumper.

Continue reading our complete Ren Canvas Serum review to determine if this is a suitable primer for your skin.

In the year 2000, the skin care company Ren was launched in Liverpool Street, London. It is dedicated to five principles: right ingredients, right science, right environmental impact, right attitude and right product experience. Each product is said to be carefully crafted with the same quality that’s used in luxury spas. It prioritizes the use of active components that are sourced naturally so that risk of adverse effects is minimized significantly. This is a relatively known brand, but most of its products are quite overpriced.

A formulation that has been on the market for several years already, this product is known for its above average moisturizing benefits. Some people find its ability to create a smooth canvas for makeup more than adequate; however, there are people who experienced skin dryness and cracking of makeup from using it. Regarding its long-term anti-aging effects, most Ren Canvas Serum reviews say it doesn’t really work.

How to Use: Apply two to three drops of this formula (after using moisturizer) to your fingertips and then gently press over your face and neck until thoroughly absorbed. Follow with your foundation or BB cream or if you’re in a hurry, simply add to your moisturizer.

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Ren Perfect Canvas

Ren Perfect Canvas

This is a serum-to-primer formulation that improves the skin’s smoothness, & deliver a visible lift.

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Ren Perfect Canvas Ingredients

Agave Tequilana Extract

This is claimed to provide a priming effect that also mattifies without using harmful silicone. Yet, there’s not enough evidence to prove it is highly effective and completely safe


These are known to positively influence both the quality and speed of epidermal growth, boosting production of important enzymes and proteins, resulting in a stronger barrier function and improved cell cohesion. It also helps improve overall skin health


They are converted to hyaluronic acid in the skin, which improves hydration and elasticity while helping reduce wrinkle depth slightly


These are components that optimize skin health to keep it healthy and balanced; however, no extensive clinical testing has been done to prove that these are effective and safe components

Citric and Lactic Acid

Known to be effective exfoliators, they enhance the skin’s cellular turnover process; this gets rid of dead skin cells and treats dullness. Studies have shown their effectiveness in restoring the skin’s youthful qualities, but there are many people who are sensitive to these components, which can cause mild to severe irritation

Pros and Cons of Ren Perfect Canvas Line Lifting Transformation

  • Light textured and free of silicone, but there are still reports that it can irritate skin
  • Made with components that help restore the skin’s youthful appearance and texture
  • There are positive reviews from consumers who have tried this primer
  • It helps hydrate the skin, but it doesn’t smooth out fine lines or reduce pore size
  • This formula tends to dry out skin and cause foundation to crack
  • No clinical evidence of its anti-aging claims is available
  • Some people are sensitive to this formulation
  • It is just an average serum, which doesn’t warrant its high price
  • There are user reviews saying it isn’t a very good primer

Ren Canvas Serum Price & Quantity

A 30-mL container of Ren Perfect Canvas can be ordered online for $55.


Our Ren Perfect Canvas Serum review has revealed that this formulation is not suitable for all users. Fortunately, unsatisfied customers can return it for an exchange or refund within 30 days from purchase date.

Conclusion – Recommending To Purchase?

This serum-to-primer is made to lift, tighten and fill skin with the use of natural sugars. It is made with some ingredients that strengthen the skin and promote its renewal process as well. However, it isn’t effective for everyone and there are reports of sensitivity to this formulation. It is still worth trying although there are better alternatives from other skin care brands.

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