SK-Ii Facial Treatment Essence Description

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is touted as a refreshing essence, which is meant to moisturize the skin and support natural skin cell renewal to prevent dryness, dullness, and uneven texture.

In this review, we will be going over every detail you’ll need to know before you decide to purchase a new addition to your skincare routine. In this review we’ll start off by going over the general description of the product above, then we’ll move on the positives and negatives we’ve researched on this product. We’ll then cover the remaining details about the brand, how to use the product, and what we personally think when it comes to whether or not you should purchase this product. Let’s get started!


SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is enriched with more than 90% Pitera, which is the main ingredient used to enhance the skin’s renewal process, according to SK-II. This product also contains nourishing vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and acids to promote the skin’s turnover and emulate the skin’s natural 28-day surface renewal process.

This product is intended to improve texture and clarity, and contribute to a balanced and glowy complexion but it may leads to skin irritation.

For best results, apply SK-II Facial Treatment Essence by sprinkling a small amount of product into the palms of the hands. Next, press gently into the skin on the face and neck until the product soaked in completely. This product can be used up to twice daily in conjunction with Facial Treatment Clear Lotion.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence retails for $179.00 per 5.4 oz. on several well-known beauty retailer websites; however, smaller bottle sizes are currently unavailable.

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SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is touted as a refreshing essence, which is meant to moisturize the skin and support natural skin cell renewal to prevent dryness, dullness, and uneven texture.

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SK-Ii Facial Treatment Essence Ingredients


This ingredient is a blend of amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and organic acids that work together in order to allow the skin’s natural surface rejuvenation process in order to function at its prime. This ingredient is meant to enhance the renewal of the skin’s outer layer.

Butylene Glycol

Preservative that prevents products from drying out.However it may cause a rash around the eyes or skin irritation.

Scorbic Acid

This form of vitamin C gives antioxidative protection to the skin while helping you achieve a brighter and radiant skin complexion.

Pros and Cons of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

  • This product is intended for all skin types.
  • This product is formulated without sulfates.
  • Customers says this product evens out the skin and goes on light but it cause skin irritation.
  • This product is mostly slip agents, water, and preservatives.
  • This product is extremely expensive.
  • Customers claim this product made their skin burn and react negatively.

Recommending To Purchase?

No. There are several issues with this product. First of all, this product is incredibly pricy for a product that is neither a toner nor a moisturizer. Although this product is intended to be moisturizing, it is still recommended that you follow up with an equally expensive moisturizer for best results. In addition to the price, the main ingredient, pitera, is not proven to be a must-have ingredient for the skin. A majority of this product is made up of slip agents, water, and preservatives, which may actually irritate the skin. There are plenty of products on the market today that have the ability to moisturize and balance the look of the skin’s surface with proven ingredients. There are also plenty of moisturizing products on the market today that cost significantly less than this product as well.


This product is available on several popular beauty retailer websites.In order to return a purchase, you must contact customer service. It is unclear if you will receive your money back for a returned order.

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