Stages of Pregnancy : A Guide For Each Month

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated February 8, 2017
Stages of Pregnancy : A Guide For Each Month

Did the pregnancy test finally showed two lines? Congrats! You are in for a wild ride! As we all know, pregnancy is one of the happiest experiences of a woman’s life. But with all the body changes and emotional rollercoaster, it can also be one confusing stage for you, especially if it is your first time!

If you wish to get ready for pregnancy, then you should know what you should expect. To help you out, we have provided a few information as to what happens during the monthly stages of pregnancy. These are as follows:

Stage 1: First Month

The baby is still just a group of cells that are about 1 cm long. The spinal cord, heart and lungs are starting to develop and heart beat is expected by the end of this stage. At this time, you may not even know that you are already pregnant yet.

Stage 2: Second Month

By now, your baby’s heart is already beating, and it has already grown to about 2 centimeters. The embryo also finally becomes a fetus and the toes, fingers, and face are starting to form. Mother can expect to experience change in breast size, mood swings, fatigue and morning sickness.

Stage 3: Third Month

The major organs are already fully developed and the fetus looks like a human and will be about 7 to 8 centimeters long. The reproductive organs start to form but you cannot determine the gender just yet.

Stage 4: Fourth Month

This is the time when you will feel your baby’s movement. In addition to that, the toes, genital organs and fingernails are developing further. The mother will also notice changes in her skin and vein.


Stage 5: Fifth Month

The senses of the baby are already active at this stage. The immune system has already developed, and the kidney functions are already working. Gender can be determined at this point. Mother may experience heartburn.

Stage 6: Sixth Month

The baby is 30 cm long and is quite active so you can definitely feel him moving by now. Hair and lungs starts to grow. Mom may develop stretch marks and experience swelling of feet.

Stage 7: Seventh Month

The baby will stretch and kick a lot. It can also open and close his eyes and hands. Mom may experience cramps, breathing difficulties and frequent urination.

Stage 8: Eighth Month

Brain development starts at this stage but the lungs are still under development. Mother may experience sleeping difficulties, leg muscle pain, back pain and increase irritability.

Stage 9: Ninth Month

You have now hit home run! It is the time when your baby will turn its head upside down in preparation for birth. The lungs are already fully developed.

In these stages of pregnancy, you can expect different experiences. For the first three months, it will seem as if nothing has changed but it is the time that you should be most careful since it is the part when the baby is still developing in your womb. During the second and third trimesters, you can expect to experience physical complications since the baby is starting to grow and so is your baby bump!


By Gorgeousgirl Staff

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