Teenage Acne Treatment: Treat Your Acne And Have A Clear Facial Skin

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated February 17, 2023
Teenage Acne Treatment: Treat Your Acne And Have A Clear Facial Skin

Growing up is not a bad thing by any means. When we grow up, we are made to be in a situation whereby we can make a difference in the world. We can also find out who we are we are given an opportunity to live the life we had imagined as children. When teenage knocks, we realize we are no longer children anymore. Several changes happen in a teenager’s body that makes one realize that he or she is no longer the kid they used to be. Teenage years are also known as adolescence are normally coupled up with growth spurts and puberty changes. During teenage, several body changes appear. Despite most of the teenagers facing physical and emotional changes, much focus has been directed towards the acne that comes during puberty. Teenagers with acne sometimes feel depressed, unpleasant and annoying. The spots can b\e painful, and they can at times end up being in a state of denial. However, this is just a stage that passes like a wind. Although we have to pass through such times, all teenagers tend to think is teenage acne treatment and ways they can get best an acne treatment.

For us to understand how we can treat teenage acne, we first have to understand what causes the teenage acne.

1. What Are The Causes Of Teenage Acne?

Causes Of Teenage Acne
For us to understand how acne comes, we first need to understand how our skin works. The pores in the skin contain oil glands. When we hit puberty, sex hormones called androgens are increased in the body. The excessive hormones make the oil glands to become overactive and enlarge as well as produce too much oil also known as sebum. When there is high sebum production, the hair follicles become blocked with skin cells. The increase in oil leads to an overgrowth of bacteria also known as acne. However, here are what causes teenage acne.


For one to get the best acne treatment for teens, we have to understand that dirt can cause sprouting of more acne. Acne is caused by oil, bacteria, and debris such as dirt and dead skin being a combined.

Reactions From Certain Foods

As we had said before that acne is caused by a combination of oil and buildup of dead skin cells and bacteria. However, there is a small percentage of teenagers who experience acne flare-ups that might be triggered by reactions to certain foods. Teens who also drink alcohol tend to get acne.

Makeup Products

Some makeups have ingredients which are comedogenic or are known to clog pores. Makeup that clogs when we sleep can cause the body to develop acne.


Teens can face various stressful situations and life events such as dates and even midterms. When teenagers are exposed to stress their body releases cortisol hormones. These hormones trigger sebaceous gland to produce more oil leading to clogged pores and blemishes. Teens are always exposed to stress more than any other people, and this leads them to get acne.

2. Symptoms Of Teenage Acne

Symptoms Of Teenage Acne
For us to understand more on teenage acne treatment, we need to know how their symptoms appear. The symptoms will vary regarding the severity and signs will be noticed in various moist parts of the body such as the face, neck, chest, back, and shoulders. Here are some of the symptoms of teenage acne.


3. Treatment Of Acne

  Treatment For Teenage Acne
Various teenage acne treatments work, and most of them are either home remedies or clinical remedies. For effective teenage acne treatment, here are some of the best acne treatment for teens that can help both teenage girls and boys.

Products Containing Benzoyl Peroxide

This is one of the teenage acne treatment options that can be regarded as among the acne treatment for teens that works. Benzoyl peroxide has fewer side effects among the teenagers compared to adults. Benzoyl peroxide in over the counter medications since they kill bacteria, clear oil ducts and heal acne. Use the gel containing Benzoyl peroxide at least twice a day for some weeks to fade acne away. Other cleansers that can help in clearing acne are products with salicylic acid that can clear blackheads, whiteheads and unclog pores.

Washing Of The Face Regularly

Washing excess dirt and oils from the skin and face can help avoid the pores from being clogged. This teenage acne treatment remedy is home-based and one of the simplest ones to practice. Cleaning the face regularly is one of the best acne treatments which if done regularly, will be very helpful. Using an oil-free cleanser, wash parts of the skin and face that are prone to acne every morning, the evening before heading to bed and after every exercise process. Always wash the face gently since scrubbing can irritate pimples.

Use Of Herbal Remedies

For this teenage acne treatment, several herbal remedies can be used to promote acne treatment for teens despite the fact that their effectiveness is limited. Some of the plant-based remedies include lemon juice, tea tree oil, raw papaya fruit, green tea and aloe Vera gel among others. The herbal lotions made from these ingredients can be applied to the affected areas at night so that the medicinal compounds from the plant can penetrate deeper.

Apply Moisturizer

Apply oil free moisturizers and in particular those that are known as nonacnegenic or non-comedogenic. The makeups and sunscreens should also be the same. Moisturizers that can hold up the sweat on the skin can make acne worse.

Avoiding Touching Of The Face

Most of the teens love touching their face especially areas affected by the pimples. This, however, makes acne worse since bacterial from the fingers can be easily transferred from the fingers to the face and grows in the clogged pores.

Visit a Dermatologist

If the above-stated remedies fail, the last option for effective acne treatment. The dermatologist can prescribe strong acne medication and even go ahead to use laser or heat treatments to kill bacteria. They can also give an injection to ease painful acne.

Finally, always remember that no treatment can guarantee an overnight miracle. One will have to use the best acne treatment for teens on a regular basis to get the best result.

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