What Are Comedones? Their Types, Causes And How To Treat Them

by GorgeousGirl Staff, Updated February 21, 2023
What Are Comedones? Their Types, Causes And How To Treat Them

What are comedones, you ask? Well, they are nothing but a fancy name for blackheads and whiteheads. Comedone is the collective form for both pesky blackheads and whiteheads. If left unattended, these comedones can get infected and lead to acne.

Preventing them from developing is your first line of defense to get rid, so, pay attention as we get to know them better.

1. What Are Comedones?

comedones formation

Comedones are simply skin pores blocked by a mix of sebum and dirt. Now, this leads to two more sub-categories; open and closed comedones. It is relatively easy to differentiate them based on their appearance. They are commonly found on the nose, chin, forehead, and chest. It can happen anywhere on the skin, but these mentioned areas are the most frequent places you find them.

  • Closed Comedones

Closed comedones are the ones we call whiteheads. It is a skin pore that is blocked by sebum and dirt that present as small bumps in the skin. It is encapsulated by a thin layer of skin that prevents the sebum from getting exposed to oxygen. Often, they are not raised to the skin. This is the reason why this comedo maintains its white color.

The sebum is covered and does not have contact with the ambient air that prevents it from getting oxidized. You may already have guessed why blackheads are black?

  • Open Comedones

What are blackheads? Open Comedones are blackheads. They are blocked skin pores that extend to the surface of the skin and is not enveloped by a thin layer of skin. The tip of this lodged sebum is exposed to the air which leads to oxidation and discoloration of the blockage. They are raised from the skin and more tender than whiteheads.

2. How To Manage And Treat Comedones

how to get rid of comedones

There are numerous ways on how to get rid of comedones. Treatment and management of whiteheads and blackheads can range from simple skin care products to painful facial treatments. Depending on the degree and extent of your comedones, there is a right treatment for you.

  • Non-Comedogenic And Oil Regulating Skin Care Products

First of all, before your pores get plugged, make sure that the skin care products you use are not contributing to the blockage. Use non-comedogenic skin care products that do not build up residue on the skin pores.

Also, use skin care products that can help you manage your facial oil production. Find out the right product for you. Some products may stimulate you to produce more oil rather than taper it. Make sure you are using the right product for your skin type. Try out Elemis Superfood Facial Oil as many users find it the perfect match for their skin.

  • Facial Scrubs

Before going for the serious stuff, another great way to prevent a buildup of oil in your skin pores is by regularly using facial scrubs. Scrubbing a few times a week can help you manage and keep comedones to a minimum.

  • Salicylic Acid

For milder cases of comedones, salicylic acid can help you dissolve them to prevent oil build-up and clogging skin pores. The maximum allowed amount of salicylic acid for over the counter products is 2%. If 2% is not enough for your case, you will need a prescription for stronger variants.

  • Retinoids

For advanced cases of comedones, retinoids are your next best choice. Retinoids cannot be bought without a prescription. This cream can give serious side-effects if it is misused. This is why it is regulated and requires a prescription.

  • Facial Treatment

A visit to the dermatologists’ clinic can give you a better assessment of what your skin really needs relative to your condition. For advanced and serious cases, your dermatologist may advise you to gets some form of facial treatment.

However, be prepared because this can be a little costly and painful on your side. A facial treatment may involve extraction of your comedones that would be coupled with some retinoids, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories after the treatment.

3. Preventing Comedones From Coming Back

how to get rid of comedones on nose

Since we now understand what are comedones, we can get rid of them with some form of treatment. Now, know how to get rid of comedones on nose, forehead, chin, and chest, the next best thing to do is prevent them from ever coming back. I bet you would not want another painful treatment from your dermatologist!

  • Tighten Your Pores

Since oil and dirt build up on skin pores, you can lessen the likelihood of them building up on smaller skin pores! Find a pore tightening skin care product that suits your skin type. Smaller skin pores are less likely to get clogged!

  • Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliation promotes faster skin resurfacing to bring out the younger skin beneath it. Aside from that, it is also an effective way to intimately cleanse skin pores to prevent oil and dust buildup that may lead to clogging and development of comedones.

  • Be Extra Careful With Your Skin Care Product Selection

Make sure that you are not using products that can potentially clog your skin pores. Oil regulating products can be some of your best choices to make sure your pores are always free form residue.

4. Taking Good Care Of Your Skin

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What are comedones? They are pesky bumps that make you susceptible to acne breakouts and infections! By taking good care of your skin, you will not only get rid of blackheads and whiteheads, but you can also prevent them from ever recurring!

Modify your skin care regimen and make sure nothing is contributing to blocking your pores! This will work great in the long run!

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