Yoga Facial Exercises : Get Natural Face Lift With These Yoga Poses

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated June 7, 2021
Yoga Facial Exercises : Get Natural Face Lift With These Yoga Poses

Many of us are so focused on toning our body that we forget to focus and tone our facial muscles. Well, guess what? It is about time that you start paying attentions to those facial muscles too.

Why? Well, that’s because your hot and sexy body will lose its charm if your face is filled with sagging skin, fine lines, wrinkles and under eye bags. Keep in mind that first signs of aging will be visible in our face, and if you do not take good care of it, it will show.

Lucky for you, you can work out your facial muscles the same you can with the other muscles in your body. In fact, here are some fantastic facial exercises that you can try.

  • 1

    Surprise Pose

    This is one of the best yoga facial exercises mainly because it works out the muscle around your eyes and forehead. Plus, it counteracts the negative results of scowling.

    Surprise pose
  • 2

    Neck roll

    This facial exercise involves the use of the muscles in the neck, throat, and jaw, ensuring that they will never lose their elasticity. It is also one of the best yoga facial exercises in getting rid of double chin.

    Neck roll
  • 3

    Puppet Face

    This exercise gets rid of the fine lines around your nose and lips. In addition to that, this exercise can also help strengthen your cheek muscles, giving it more plumpness.

    Puppet face
  • 4

    The Cheeky Pose

    This exercise strengthens the cheek muscles, preventing it from thinning.
    To do this, take a big breath. Puff it from cheek to cheek and hold it like a bullfrog would. Release afterwards.

    The Cheeky Pose
  • 5

    Kiss The Sky

    Want to make your cheekbones more prominent? This is the exercise to try because it engages your chin and cheek muscles.

    To do this, Lift your chin towards the sky as high as you can. You should feel the stretch in your neck muscles. Pout as if you are kissing the sky. Hold the pose for 10 to 15 seconds. Do 3 reps of this exercise.

    Kiss the sky
  • 6

    Baby Bird

    This facial exercise tightens the jaw and prevents the neck from showing signs of aging.

    To do this, press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Point your chin to the ceiling then break into a smile.

    Baby Bird

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