How Anti Aging Facial Exercises Will Help You To Reduce Wrinkles

Effective Anti-Aging Facial Exercises - Revitalize Your Skin with Regular facial exercises may strengthen the muscles just below your skin and lead to a more youthful appearance. - By Top Experts

by GorgeousGirl Staff, Updated February 17, 2023
How Anti Aging Facial Exercises Will Help You To Reduce Wrinkles

The effects of aging on the skin are somewhat undesirable. As we age, our skin gets all wrinkly! Especially the facial area! The face is the first thing people notice when they look at you. People can easily tell your age (or might mistakenly tell your age!) just by looking at those nasty wrinkles!

But how do you fight aging? True, we can’t stop this aging process but, there are some ways to decelerate this process. Ever wonder why celebrities don’t look like their age? Well, they have taken serious thought of slowing down the process of aging! And I believe every woman out there should too!


Making Face


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Who would have thought that making faces can help delay the formation of wrinkles (If I had known, I shouldn’t have stopped making faces when I was seven!)? For centuries, we have been doing exercises to stay fit and healthy in the hopes of prolonging our lives. Sadly, only a few handful of people do anti aging facial exercises to decelerate facial skin aging!

In the same way that our muscles get more oxygen and other nutrients from the blood as we exercise, our face can benefit from this boost too! When we exercise, the blood supply gets abundant to the muscles used. Unfortunately, when we run, we don’t use much of our facial muscles.


Exercise To Defy Aging


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Performing regular facial exercise can strengthen the facial muscles and inevitably increase the demand for blood. The result, more oxygen, and nutrients reach the face! You may not see results instantly, but in a few months and years, you will see how much your peers have gone a long way before you!
Botox can help you with this but why not go for a free alternative that can strengthen your facial muscles too? In the long run, you can avoid premature aging and face sagging!


Facial Yoga


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The modern day requires a modern term for these anti aging facial exercises! Facial exercises used to be called facial exercises. Now, with the application of yoga principles, we now have facial yoga!
Just like your yoga, the principle behind is holding a facial contraction for ten to twenty seconds. It may seem a little funny and awkward, but it can really help! These poses are nothing but exaggerated facial expressions!



How To Perform Basic Facial Yoga


Here are some basic facial yoga poses you can try. You may begin with a 10-second hold and 2-second rest. Gradually increase the number of seconds you are holding the pose until you get the hang of it.

1. Tight Lip Squeeze

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Squeeze your lips tight as if you are biting with your lips. Do this as forceful as you can and hold. Release and repeat for about five to ten times.

2. Shut Smile

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This is another everyday gesture you make! But this time, give it a little squeeze. With your lips shut, smile as wide as you can and feel your cheek muscle getting worked up. Hold this pose for ten seconds, then rest. Repeat for another five to ten times.

3. Long Kiss, Please!

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This is no different from a sweet kiss! Pucker up your lips to an exaggerated pout and hold for ten to twenty seconds. Rest for a few seconds and repeat. Repeat around five times.

4. Act Surprised!

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Well, much more surprised than your surprised look! Raise your brows and open your eyes wide as you can. Open your mouth as wide as you can as if you are shouting in anger! You can feel your neck muscles will be a little tensed as well. Hold this for ten seconds and let go. Repeat for about five times.Do this in front of the mirror so that you can see how well you are doing and easily correct your routine. Close the door so that no one will catch you doing this weird exercise!

These are some of the facial yoga you can do to delay the onset of facial skin aging! Couple this with exercise and healthy nutrition and, surely, you will live a long and beautiful life!

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